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Friday 23 January 2015


French Macaron

French macarons.......Ha.........this word was a nightmare for me.How many recipes I refered how many people I asked .Its numberless.........Really U don't believe when I happen to talk to a baker or a chef my next question will be......How do you make french macarons?Even to the bakery owner nearby..............

I tried it for about 3 times but every time I made it showed some error but I never lose hope.I said to myself that I will  get success in making the macarons.I saw my fellow baker sumod tom's recipe and got inspiration from him and tried this again.I took recipe from Martha stewart but made some changes and tried this macarons..............

Wow wow wow............This time I got it right....Super cool macarons with crunchy and smooth texture......Tasted so good that I melted with these macarons.You could see my face while eating it    Smiley I even couldn't sleep yesterday becoz of happiness ........ok ok......I hear your voices to stop exciting and share the recipe.This is my easy and yummy recipe of my french macarons...........

French macarons

Preperation time:10-15 mins

 resting time:1-1/2 hrs

 Cooking time:10-12 mins

  yields-about 25 macarons.


Egg white- 1   

Almond flour- 1/4 cup+2 tbsp  

 Icing sugar-1/2 cup 

food colour-few drops


Almond flour:

Take 1/2 cup of almonds and blance them  and remove the skin then toast them in a dry non-stick pan for a while. Note.....It should not change its colour.Just toast to remove the wetness and cool them completely.In a clean and dry mixer add the toasted almonds and 2 tbsps of icing sugar(powdered sugar didn't worked well.It made the flour wet).Pulse them for 2-3 secs and then again pulse for another 2-3 secs.The flour will be powdered if not repeat it again but remember  one or two almonds may remain.Just remove from mixer and sift them.The flour will be dense,so sift them by mixing them with your hands.Now measure the flour that needed for this recipe.Reserve excess flour and coarse mixture you get for next use.You can use the coarse mixture in brownies.

Remember the bowl and hooks should be dry while beating the egg whites otherwise it won't get its foamy texture. 

Break Egg carefully and remove yolk from it.Add whites in the clean bowl and beat well till it turn white and foamy,now gradually add in the icing sugar and beat till it combines.Donot add sugar before the egg white gets foamy texture otherwise the whites will ruin.It happened to me this time also and I redone the process then take off the beater and add few drops of food colour to the meringue.You can use any colour you wish in liquid form,powdered form or gel form but have to combine it well so that the meringue completely turn to its colour. Now fold in the Almond flour to the mixture in 3 parts.Fold it well and put the mixture into a pipping bag with big round tipped nozzle.

In a baking sheet or tray pipe them in a round shape,just pipe for about a tbsp or two of meringue.Pipe them with gap between the macarons in the tray/sheet.Tap them in a flat surface so that it spread and form a round shape.Don't worry if the shape differs it'll happen for the first time and  You can use macaron baking sheets to get the perfect rounds or draw shapes in a butter paper and use.I just piped in my desired rounds or you can use spoons to pour the mixture in tray/sheet.

Now rest the piped macarons for about 1-11/2 hrs till it gets dry.

Preheat the oven to 170°c 

Place the macarons into the oven and bake @ 170°c for about 10-12 mins.You will see the macarons risen up and when you tap on the top it will make a sound.Dnt tap too hard the macaron will break guys.Now its prfectly baked,remove from oven and place undisturbed to get cooled.

Now time to sandwich them.Don't show the baked macarons to your kids or they will eat them before you sandwich them.My kids do...........Smiley

You can use any kind of filling you love I used chocolate filling becoz ofcourse my kids love chocolates.

Chocolate filling(ganache):

fresh cream-30 gms 

 Dark chocolate/regular chocolate-90 gms

Heat cream and add chocolates,stir till it combines and make thick filling.Take one macaron and fill chocoate ganache and close with another macaron.............Now its time to enjoy your macarons.keep one into your mouth just close your eyes and enjoy its melting in your mouth mmm mmmm mmmm.............Smiley

Beat whites and gradually add in sugar
pipe into the baking sheet/tray
Fill the ganache

Enjoy your melting moments.............

 Notes to remember:

  • Toast the almonds just to remove wetness donot toast till it turns colour.
  • Just pulse the mixer while beating almonds and icing sugar.Use only icing sugar,there will be some almonds left coarse just omit it and sift the flour well.
  • Must sift the flour before mixing to the meringue to get the smooth texture.
  • Remember the bowl and hooks should be dry while beating the egg whites otherwise it won't get its foamy texture. 
  • Do not add sugar before the whites get foamy texture or it will ruin the mixture.
  • Tap the sheet after piping it to spread.
  • Rest them for atleast 1-11/2 hrs to get dry on top or it will become chewy when baked.
  • Donot remove macarons from tray before cooling completely or the bottom will remain in the tray.
  • I used baking sheet and non stick tray both.The surface was smooth in the macarons baked in nonstick tray than sheet.
  • sandwich them with any kind of filling you like.
I think I remembered everything to you If I've left any points just comment me dears and your reviews too.................

Sending this to Remya's kitchen First blog anniversary celebration and giveaway


  1. wow...good attempt da..nice try.Btw,nice to meet u.lets keep in touch in blogging too.:)

    1. Thank you so much dr...me too so happy to meet you.........


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