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Monday 22 September 2014


Newyork cheese cake(eggless)

I m very fond of cakes and I've tasted this cheese cake once in a bakery and moved towards its yummy flavour.But the creamcheese used in this is unavailable in my locality and also it is very costly too.So I decided to make everything at home.I made creamcheese the day before and made cheese cake today.I can't say that I've made an original version of newyork cheese cake but the taste is yummy,delicious and can say all the antonyms of the word "yummy".


For the base:

Biscuits,ground and seived-2 cups  

 Butter-90 gms

   Powdered sugar-1/4 cup+2 tbsp

Cream cheese filling:

Cream cheese-1 cup 

for homemade: http://cookingclub17.blogspot.in/2014/09/homemade-cream-cheese.html

   powdered sugar-1/2 cup   

cream-1/4 cup  

 vanilla essence-1 tsp  

 lemon juice -1 tbsp


1.In a bowl mix ground biscuits you can use any crackers or biscuits for this recipe.Mix in pwdered sugar and add soft butter to it.Mix well with hands to coat over and must form the shape when you make by your hands,this is the consistency of the base.

2.prepare a spring form tin and fill the mixture all over you can spread only the base or can fill the sides also to appear like a cup shape.I made a cup shape,may be the fear that the finished product should appear neat.Use a flat bowl little smaller than the form tin place above the base mixture and press well ,it will help to form a smooth surface.Then place in the fridge for 1 hr to set.

3. While the base is setting in the fridge add creamcheese in a bowl and beat well.Add the remaining ingredients and make a whisk till soft and creamy.

pre heat oven in 180°c

4.Remove the base from the fridge and pour the cream mixture over it and bake for 12-15 mins.remove from oven cool them and cool for 1 hr in the fridge and serve............


you can make bakeless version from this same recipe but baking will give you smooth finish and enhanced taste.Don't hesitate if you don't own a spring form tin just cover aluminium foil in a seive(chalni) plate and do the process.

I don't know how much I have done justice to an original newyork cheese cake recipe :P


  1. Thanks for the lovely recipe! And thanks a million for the tip about how we can use the sieve instead of the regular cheese cake pan! God bless !

    1. u r welcome lakshmipriya and thank you for ur blessings.........

  2. Hi. 2st will b the texture? Wenni made it was not smooth and silky rather was a bit hardcand tasted of paneer i madevwith home mae cream cheese. Can u advice on that plz

    1. Use cream while making cheese and grind with cream and softened curd...........

  3. lovely made cream cake.. nice post :)


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