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Friday, 21 March 2014


                                      whoopie pie

                                       We make biscuits,cakes and pies using chocolate but this recipe is the combination of all.It is round like buscuit soft like a cake named as pie,isn't it amazing?I followed the exact recipe given by  Siri Nuggehalli for home bakers challenge.

                                              It has an excellent taste and the softnes melts in mouth.I made this pie for my younger daughter's birthday.It was the main attraction among kids on that day.Elders also enjoyed it a lot...........

Recipe source: joy of baking


  Flour-21/2 cups

   cocoa powder-1/4 cup

   baking powder-1/2 tsp 

baking soda-1/2 tsp 

 salt-1/4 tsp  

 sugar-1 cup 

butter-3/4 cup


 butter milk-3/4 cup     

  vanilla extract-1 tsp   

Red food colouring-a pinch(I used a pinch in original recipe it specified as 1 tbsp)

Cream cheese filling:

Whipped cream-1 cup  

cream cheese-1/3 cup 

 vanilla essence-few drops


             Preheat oven to 190°c

In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients and seive them to combine.

In another bowl add butter and sugar beat well till creamy and soft.Add in egg beat well and add butter milk,vanilla extract and color combine well and fold in the dry mixture without any lumps and air bubbles.Grease the baking tray and scoop the mixture to make a shape on the tray and make perfect sandwiches.Place them in tray 2 inches apart.Bake them at 190°c for 10-12 mins(according to your oven).When baked cool them on a wirerack.

Beat in cream cheese,whipped cream and vanilla essence and pour them into a pipping bag.Now take one pie pipout some filling in centre and close with another pie.That makes a perfect sandwich.Can dip this sandwich pie in the chocolate mixture to add more flavour..Now enjoy the divine Whoopie pies...............




Wednesday, 19 March 2014


                                        Saltine crackers with salsa dip

                      Once again I blogpost for Swathi Iyer's Baking partners challenge.We've done lots of cookies recipes so this time she came with saltine crackers and graham crackers.Really awesome recipes,I thought of trying graham crackers but tried saltine crackers.It tasted soo good and can be served to diabetic patients too.I'll definetly try Graham crackers too and post it soon.


Maida-3/4 cup  

salt and baking powder a pinch   

vinegar-2-3 drops

  sugar-1/2 tsp

  warm water-1/4 cup

   yeast-11/2 tsp  

water-3 tbsp

 butter-1 tbsp

 oil-1 tbsp(I used 2 tbsps of oil to avoid butter) 


 salt-1 tsp 

 Italian mixed herbs-1 tbsp  

cheddar cheese-2 tbsp


             Boil water till warm add salt and sugar stir to dissolve.Sprinkle yeast over it and leave to prove. Add oil,vinegar mix well and add in the dry ingredients mix well to make a sticky dough.cover the dough with clingfilm and place in the refrigerator overnight.   Next day bring them to room temp. and roll them flat (have to use lots of flour to knead the dough) fold them like an envelope and roll thin rectangle.cut them into 5*5 size with the help of the ruler and sprinkle topping over it and press gently.Preheat oven to 200°c and bake them for 10-12 mins.

for salsa:

onion-1 big,chopped   

tomato-1/2,deseeded and chopped   

yellow capsicum-1/4,chopped  

Italian seasoning-a pinch 

salt and pepper to taste 

       Mix all the above and serve with yummy saltine crackers.


Monday, 17 March 2014



   Madurai spl butter bun

                       Madurai is a temple city in TamilNadu,India.It has its own flavourful journey in food.Some of the signature dishes in Madurai are jigathanda,butter bun,kari dosai(mutton dosa),mullumurungai vadai,paruthippal etc.....

                   Butter bun is the street food available in madurai.We can find roadside butterbun shops round the corner.I love the buttery taste with lots of sweetness in the bun.You can made bun of needed size on your own.It's very easy to make at home.You can avoid adding more butter but eat when it is hot........Only 3 Ingredients are needed to make yummy butter buns...........


Bun-4-5 nos  

softened butter-1/4 cup   

granulated sugar-1/4 cup  


               Heat Tawa,Slit bun into half coat a spoon of butter over it and sprinkle some sugar and place that side down on the hot Tawa and press gently with the spatula then flip it over and do it till crisp and serve hot...........


slit bun into half

apply butter

Heat on Tawa

sprinkle sugar and do on Tawa

Serve hot

Thursday, 13 March 2014



Pumpkin and lentil green soup

This is my recipe for our 5 INGREDIENT FIX CHALLENGE.I've given 5 healthy ingredients this time to make a healthy soup.The 5 ingredients are:

             I know these ing. can be converted into a soup but doubted whether it'll be delicious or not?I made it with red pumpkin,amaranthus tritis ha ha ha..... don't afraid of this name its our arai keerai(green leafy vegetable),Homemade veg stock,olive oil and masoor dal.

             The soup was soooo yummy and delicious.I had fun in making this soup.My family members loved this soup.


Red pumpkin(cubed)-1 cup  

 Arai keerai-1/4 cup  

Homemade stock-2 cups  

masoor dal-2 tbsp 

 galic-2 pods

  onion-1/4 cup  

cumin seeds-1 tsp 

 pepper corns-1 tbsp  

olive oil-1tbsp 

cream 1 tbsp 

salt to taste

 pepper powder-needed


               In a pan add olive oil when its slightly heats up add garlic,onion saute a little add pumpkin toss well add cumin seeds,masoor dal and pepper corns.Now add in vegetable stock,salt add 2 more cups of water boil till the pumpkin mashes and dal cooks well and cool them..

           In another pan add water and salt boil well switch off the stove add in araikeerai for 5 mins and strain them now add to the pumpkin mixture grind to a fine puree.Now pour in the same pan and heat again for a while can adjust the soup consistency with water add salt to taste sprinkle pepper powder and decorate with cream and serve hot..........

Friday, 7 March 2014


                                           Linzer cookies

              Another one cookie recipe for this month's challenge by  Swathi Iyer of baking partners group.This is an awesome cookie looks like sandwich filled with yummy jam inside.I enjoyed a lot to make it but the interesting part is after finishing my cookies.

                                          I took a lovely photograph in my sony cybershot camera but don't know where it has gone when I searched 2 days later.It haven't saved the picture at all I think.Haa.........I blinked a while becoz the cookie box was empty ohhhh.... I forgot I reserved a cookie for me somewhere in kitchen.I ran into the kitchen and atlast found it inside a small box........And clicked it Now I rechecked the pic.It was good.

Now let us enter into the recipe...........

Recipe source: Alice Medrich, Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy


Plain Flour(maida)-1 cup+2 tbsp  

ground almonds-1/2 cup 

  sugar-1/4 cup  

salt-1/8 tsp(a pinch)

  cinnamon powder-11/4 tsp

  cloves powder-1/8 tsp

 almond essence-1/8 tsp 

butter(unsalted)-8 tbsp

 lemon zest(grated lemon peel)-1 tsp 

 orange zest-1 tsp(grated orange peel)  

Any kind of Jam- needed


Blance Almonds and grind them with a teaspoon of sugar to a fine powder.In a mixing bowl add Butter,sugar whisk them till creamy add in salt,cinnamon pr,clove pr,almond essence,lemon zest and orange zest blend well and knead with plain flour and almond flour to a soft dough.Slightly flat them and cover them with clingfilm,refrigerate them for 2 hrs.Can store them in freezer upto 3 months.

Preheat oven to 180°c

Remove from fridge soft them for a while work before they get too soft.Roll  the dough and cut them in a cookie cutter and they should be as pairs(The cookie should have pair ie cut them in even units 2,4,6....) to make the sandwich.Seperate them into half leaving one half cut in centre with heart shaped cookie cutter.Arrange them carefully in a greased baking tray as the cookies donot disturb eachother.Bake them at 180°c for 15-20 mins.Remove from tray and cool them on a wire rack.Mix jam with a fork as it loosen its texture and apply them on the whole cookie then place heart shaped hole cookie on top and make sandwiches.Store them in an airtight container upto 1 week.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014


                              Peas and zucchini green curry   

                                  Every one loves peas people eat peas in all parts of the world.The style of cooking is different from place to place.zucchini is an italian vegetable looks like cucumber taste also sligtly
same and good in nutrients.We can use them with all kinds of vegetables
or we can add them in pizza,pasta etc.I cooked this recipe for 'Cooking with Herbs and Flowers hosted by Sandhya Ramakrishnan from  My Cooking Journey.


peas-1/2 cup



coconut paste/milk-5 tbsp

grind basil(dry)-2 tbsp(if using fresh leaves you can use half mint and half basil and a tbsp of coriender leaves)

mint leaves-1/4 cup

green chillies-4-5,or as per required,

coriender leaves-few grind like a paste

lemon rind-1/2 tsp

lemon juice-1 tsp 

cream-1 tbsp to decorate

oil-1 tbsp

salt to taste


       In a pan add oil and onions saute till translucent.Add in peas and zucchini saute a little add ground paste,lemon rind and coconut milk/paste add some water and salt to taste,cover lid and cook till peas and zucchini cooks well.(zucchini cooks fast than peas to avoid zucchini from getting mashed can add half boiled peas).Squeeze lemon juice,decorate with cream and sprinkle some dry basil and  serve hot with naan/rice.



  chocolate cake crumbled pancake

My elder daughter loves chocolate very much. She can do anything for chocolates.Yesterday I made chocolate cake in pressure pan but something went wrong and my cake got burnt outside,so I cutoff the burnt pieces and decided to use the crumbles in my pancake for the pancake day.The panake tasty good and different.Both of my daughters loved the pancake very much.Unfortunately my pics was lost in my camera wiill upload it as soon as I can...................


  • maida - 1 cup
  • condensed milk - 1/4 cup
  • demerara sugar - 2 tbsp
  • butter - 1/3 cup
  • baking powder - 1/2 tsp
  • baking soda - a pinch
  • chocolate cake crumble - 1/2 cup
  • salt a pinch


sift the flour,baking powder,baking soda twice.In a bowl add butter,condensed milk,demerara sugar beat well till fluffy then add the flour and beat well rest them for 10 mins.grease butter in a pan pour the mixture with laddle and do on both sides.serve hot with maple syrup or honey.


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