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Sunday, 10 March 2013



 Homemade pasta with tomato garlic sauce

Everyone knows about pasta and noodles its a kids favourite dish.Readymade is not a healthy version of pasta, it may affect the stomach sometimes.Try the homemade pasta it will taste good and fresh too.You can add any vegetables with this pasta..............

To make dough:

maida-100gms(for healthy version can use wheat flour instead)
salt a pinch

knead above ingredients to make a stiff dough and cover with a wet cloth keep aside for 10 mins.

for sauce:

garlic crushed-1tbsp
onion-1 sliced
baby tomatoes-1/2cup
italian seasoning-1tsp
oil-1tbsp(can use olive oil)  
mushroom sliced-1/2 cup
salt to taste
dry red chillies crushed-3nos
coriender leaves needed(can use basil leaves if available)


Knead the dough again and roll flat sprinkle rava on the dough roll into thin sheet cut into needed shapes place on a plate with rava on  every sheet(it wont stick when u sprinkle rava).
In a deep bottom pan heat water add salt and 1tsp oil when it boils,add pasta strips and make it to boil for just 2 mins and strain them.
in a non stick pan add oil,crushed garlic fry well add onion saute well add mushroom saute till it cooks well add tomatoes,seasoning,salt,red chillies crushed saute well add pasta mix gently and serve with coriander leaves on top...........



kurmura murukku

This is a rice dish made of raw rice flour and urad dal its is a fried dish.we indians make it for festivals and special occasions.we can preserve it for a month or soo but in an airtight container.my kids love it....................u can try it its very easy to make but very tasty snack can go with evening tea.

For murukku flour:

Raw rice-1cup

urad dal-1/4cup
soak rice &dal for 2hrs and drain water grind in a food processor a fine powder and seive.(you can preserve this in fridge for 6mths)



murukku flour -1cup


salt to taste


oil to fry


Mix murkku flour,salt add butter mix with crumble texture and add some water to make a soft dough.heat oil in a medium heat fill the mixture in a pipping bag and squeeze like roundels/straight strips and fry till it slightly change its color not till golden.strain excess oil and store in an air tight container.


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