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Tuesday 12 January 2016


Millet Bagels #breadbakers

Bagels bagels bagels I made it yaay...........I know its not a big deal but It was on my wishlist for a very long time...........You know something, I thought bagels and doughnuts are the same when I was a beginner......Smiley

Its not just the same recipe but looks alike.......Bagel is a yeasted dough which has been cooked in a boiling water fot sometime and bake at high temp. It has a crispy and brown top sprinkled with poppyseeds, sesame seeds or onion powders with chewy and dense inside.........It actually made with flour or wheat flour but I combined millet flour and wheat flour   Smiley Smiley  I'm trying bagels for the first time and with millets, it may Smiley But luckily I made it Smiley  Ofcourse this post is for #breadbakers and the topic ancient grains was choosen by A Shaggy Dough Story http://www.ashaggydoughstory.com/

Robin.... Talking about ancient grains let me clear wat's ancient grains are Spelt, Khorasan wheat(Kammut), millet, barley, teff, oats, Freekay, bulgar, sorghum, farro, eicorn, emmer and the pseudocereals are quinoa, amarnath, buckwheat and chia.

Ancient grains are considered to havebeen a little changed of breed with recent millennia such as corn, rice and modern variety of wheat.....Wheat,a modern grain?? yes it is considered to be a hybrided grain and its ancient grain are spelt, eincorn and emmer..........Ancient grains were mentioned as healthier than modern grains and I think people are more aware now of ancient grains and started using in their day-to-day meals.....

And...............Here comes the recipe of my Millet bagels, I used foxtail millet flour ,In India people use this millet instead of rice for their maincourse  ......... Smiley


warm water - 1/2 cup 

   Active dry yeast- 21/2 tsp

  Wheat flour- 2 cups

  Foxtail millet flour - 21/4 cups 

water- 1 cup 

 salt- 2 tsp 

 sugar- 4 tbsp  

 Oil- 1 tsp

poppy seeds / sesame seeds to sprinkle on top     


In a bowl add warm water, It should be only in luke warm and sprinkle a pinch od sugar and salt and then active dry yeast to the water. Leave aside for 10 mins or till it blooms. if you are using active fresh yeast u can use directly without blooming. Now add in to a large bowl and add in water, salt and sugar mix well till it dissolves. Now mix both the flours together( grind foxtail millet into fine powder) and add gradually to the yeast mixture. Whisk them with a ballon whisk or a blender using hook attachment. The dough will be in loosen texture and oil and combine well. Rest them for 11/2 hrs in the same container or transfer to an another bowl covered. 

After it doubles its size rub your hands with flour and roll the dough into equal balls and keep aside for 10 mins. Meanwhile Preheat oven at 200°c and boil water in a container. Just take each ball and make a hole in centre and dip them for 1-2 mins in the boiling water and arrange seperately in a baking tray. 

Sprinkle poppy seeds/ sesame seeds on the top and bake at 200°c for 20- 25 mins.

Actually I baked it for 30-35mins it became hard a bit so bake only for upto 25mins or it gets brown on top..............

Serving options: It can be served as a sandwich by cutting in the middle and fill in with coleslaw and a chicken/mutton patty. I served with a boiled egg in a ring mould. Enjoy........... Smiley

foxtail millet

This month's BreadBakers' theme is Ancient Grains, hosted by Robin at A Shaggy Dough Story. Ancient grains are generally accepted to mean grains that have remained largely unchanged/un-hybridized over the last several hundred years, which means NO MODERN WHEAT. Here's what our creative bakers came up with.
#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. You can see all our of lovely bread by following our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated after each event on the #BreadBakers home page.
We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient. If you are a food blogger and would like to join us, just send Stacy an email with your blog URL to foodlustpeoplelove@gmail.com.


  1. Very nice looking bagels, hard to believe it's your first try at them! Hope you enjoyed the theme this month.

  2. I like millet....it's super with some lemon chicken on top! Must try baking with it. These look excellent!

    1. Thank you so much Barbara.....I love your suggestion of having bagels with chicken :)

  3. I'm not familiar with foxtail millet, Vimala, so I am glad you added a photo. Your bagels came out great!

    1. I am also glad to introduce a new ingredient to you stacy.........

  4. You did a great job for your first bagels! They are beautiful!!

  5. These bagels came out perfectly! I haven't tried millet yet. Your effort was perfect!

  6. These bagels came out perfectly! I haven't tried millet yet. Your effort was perfect!

  7. Congrats on the bagels!! They look perfect. I love cooking with millet, and have added it to regular wheat bread, but haven't used it in flour form yet. I love how these came out!

  8. Wow, bagels with millet is such an innovative idea. They turned out great.

  9. Really lovely and unique Vimala. Can't believe it is your first try at bagels. Well done!

  10. Oh wow!! Millet bagels is a revolutionary idea. Well done.

  11. what ahealthy bagel - great way to start the day

  12. Thanks for sharing details:




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