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Tuesday, 24 December 2013



 Yule Log

                                               This was a nightmare for me.Every day i wake up with the resolution of finishing this dish,but some fear came into my mind whether i can make it or not.But  today i have decided to try it...........becoz trial and error makes the man perfect right?

                               I have to prepare 3 days schedule to finish this dish,I started with parline feuillete and vanilla cream brulee.I have made these two and kept in freezer to freeze.When i assemble them it has to be hard enough.Then i made the chocolate mousse,in the original recipe it needed more eggs so i decided to make it vegan.i made them and kept them in fridge to set not in freezer compartment.For the daquoise cake,made simple chocolate cake to make the dish more chocolaty.And the next day i had assembled the dish in my bread tin.I don't have the log shaped tin so i assembled them in my bread tin  fully covered with silverfoil.I have done a trick to have the dome shape,I have placed some tissues in the sides of the breadtin and covered fully with silver foil.The output was really awesome i have got perfect yule log shape.

                                First you have to prepare 6 seperate recipes and assemble them.

recipe source:French Yule Log by Flore of Floril├Ęge Gourmand from Use Real Butter

1.The parline feuillete:


milk chocolate -100 gms

 Butter-25 gms  

parline-2 tbsp

Rice krispies-1/4 cup(you may get this in departmental stores if not don't worry take riceflakes(poha)-1/4 cup and dry roast them till golden brown and cool them. 

Method: Melt chocolate and butter in a non-stick pan till it melts and add parline coarsely crushed krispies mix quickly and spread in an silverfoiled tin fit inside the bread tin.cool them in freezer.

2.Vanilla creme brulee: 

 Cream-1/2 cup  

full cream milk-1/2 cup

 Egg yolks-4

 sugar-2 tbsp 

vanilla bean-1(if u don't have vanilla bean add 1/2 tsp dark vanilla essence)

Method:                                   In a pan heat cream,milk,and vanilla just heat them up and rest them to cool.Preheat oven in 180°c.Now beat eggs with sugar till pale white add in cream mixture and strain them pour in a flat baking dish.u can foil the dish before u pour mixture sothat you can remove it easily and freeze it.place them in a larger tray half filled with hot water.Bake them for 35-40 mins.You can steam them in a cooker too.remove from oven,cool them and freeze them.remove from freezer only ontime of assembling becoz it will meltdown.

3. Dark chocolate mousse:

Ingredients: Dark chocolate-60 gms(If you get you can use bitter chocolate or use 2 small pacs of bournville) 

 Milk-2 cups

  chinagrass(agar agar jelly 1/4 strip or gelatin pr-1 tbsp

  vanilla essence-1 tsp 

 water-1/2 cup  

 sugar-1/2 cup(can use half amount demerara sugar to get caramelized flavour) 

 fresh cream-1 cup 


                         Heat water and place agar agar jelly in a bowl and melt the jelly. Heat milk in a pan added with sugar and chocolate bars.melt well and add jelly mixture and set aside to cool.Beat cream and sugar till stiff peaks add the cooled chocolate mixture and set in fridge.

Eggless chocolate cake:   


 flour-1 cup 

 oil/butter-1/2 cup  

cocoa pr-2 tbsp  

demerara sugar-1/4 cup 

 baking pr-3/4 tsp  

baking soda-1/2 tsp 

 curd-1/2 cup Method: In a mixing bowl mix the wet ing.and seive the dry ing.Beat the wet mixture well and add in slowly the dry mixture and pour in a flat baking tray fit to close the log tray.Bake at 180°c for about 35 mins and cool them.

                                  Now we have come to the part of assembling them.The tray should be in the shape of semi-circle or use bread tray place tissues in the sides of the tray and cover wholely with silver foil.

The bread tin filled with tissues in their sides.

Fill half of the tray with mousse and pierce in the creambrulee and fill again with mousse then place the parline feuillete again with mousse then close them with chocolate cake.cover them with silver foil and freeze the cake for 1 day till the mousse freezes well.

The Glaze:


  gelatin-1/2 tbsp/Agar Agar jelly 1/4 strip  

cream-1/4 cup

  sugar-5 tbsp  

Hot water-1/4 cup  

cocoa pr-1/3 cup  


                                      soft gelatin or jelly with hot water.Boil the rest of the Ing. for 3 mins and add the gelatin/jelly mixture mix thoroughly and seive them.Now take the set mousse place them upside down in a stand and pour the glaze immediately and set them in freezer.  

The Ganache:

  Dark chocolate-60 gms   

Cream-30 gms 


                           Heat cream and add to the chocolate stir well and pour into the pipingbag with long strip nozzle.Do some decoration over the cake and cut into pieces.Its really an amazing cake with delicious flavours.

The parline feuillete

the cream brulee

the cream brulee frozen

the insert of cream brulee

the filling

The Glaze

The Yule log




Tuesday, 17 December 2013



yummy cabbage rolls in tomato sauce

   Cabbage rolls in tomato sauce

                                   These Cabbage rolls are awesome,I have tried these for the first time.Got good response among my friends and family circle.It has three main things to do,so i have seperated my work.

                                 I have blanched the cabbage in morning,seperated the leaves and drain them on a damp cloth.In the afternoon i managed to make the filling along with my lunch preparation i have made an Indian type of filling to give the cabbage rolls an extra flavour and leasurely i've done the final cooking of cabbages in the evening.Its really a fun making job to do these rolls.I'm going to teach these rolls in my cookeryclass today.You also try this recipe friends......feel free to ask me if you have any doubts............


Cabbage-1 medium size

 minced mutton-1 cup

 boiled rice-3/4 cup 

cumin seeds-1/2 tsp 

onion-1 big,finely chopped 

 ripened tomato-1/2 kg or tomato puree-1 cup 

 redchilly powder-1 tsp 

garam masala(grounded spices)-1 tsp

garlic-4 pods,finely choppped  

olive oil-2 tbsp 

salt and pepper to taste

Dry thyme-1/2 tsp

 Dry rosemary-1/2 tsp

For veg filling:

mashed potatoes-1 cup 

boiled corn kernels-1/2 cup 

onion-1/2 chopped

 tomato-1/2 chopped 

redchilly powder-1 tsp 

garam masala(grounded spices)-1/2 tsp

 oil-1 tsp 

salt to taste

 In a pan add oil add onion saute well add tomato,mashed potato,corn saute a little add redchilly pr,grounded spices salt and mix till it rolls like a ball and cool them.


Boil water in a large pot so that u can immerse the whole cabbage.To avoid overflowing place the cabbage inside the pot and fill water,then remove the cabbage and boil the water with some salt.This is just to make the cabbage salty not for the whole recipe.When the water begins to boil immerse the cabbage with fork pricked in middle so that you can remove it easily.Boil them for 10-15 mins and remove from water and cool them.

Now remve the leaves seperately and cut the stem of the cabbage leaf then drain them in a damp cloth.


          In a pan add 1 tbsp olive/refined oil add half of chopped garlic and half of onion saute till it becomes translucent.now add in redchilly pr,garam masala(grounded spices),salt and pepper  minced mutton and saute them and add some water cook till the water absorbs and the meat is done.remove from heat and cool them.When its cool mix boiled rice and meat mixture mash well.

                 Take one leaf of cabbage and fill one spoon of the mixture,fold in and roll the cabbage and set aside.

fold in sides and roll them tight

rolled cabbage

                                  Heat non-stick pan add oil 1 tbsp and add rem.chopped garlic add chopped onion saute well add tomato puree cook till the raw smell dissappears add in redchilly pr,dry rosemary,dry thyme salt to taste add in water aand cook till it boils.arrange the rolled cabbages cover with lid and cook till the cabbages cooks well.Can bake in oven at 160°c for 1 hr.

Can fry the rolls 


Monday, 16 December 2013



  Vegan jewish challah

                                      This is also the part of Home bakers challenge by Priya Ranjit and Priya Suresh.I have made bread many times before but the texture was not perfect as this jewish bread.I have corrected all my errors and made a perfect bread for this christmas eve.

                                  I'm so happy with the results and enjoyed the bread.Here is the recipe for you friends.Just try it and enjoy it.

Recipe Source & Picture Courtesy - thesweetlifeonline.com


Yeast mixture:

Dry active yeast-21/2 tsp

 sugar-2 tsp 

water-1 cup(luke warm)*

salt-11/2 tsp   

In a bowl add lukewarm water stir in sugar and salt till it dissolves.Now sprinkle yeast over the mixture and set aside undisturbed till froth*

Corn mixture: 

Corn meal-1/2 cup 

water- 1/2 cup  

 Mix corn meal and water well and set aside.


All purpose flour-3-4 cups

 olive oil/refined oil-1/4 cup

sugar-1/4 cup


                                  Place the stand mixer with hook attachment* with bowl add olive oil to the bowl and add corn mixture and yeast mixture mix well now add in the flour one cup mix well then add another cup add upto 3-31/2 cups mix well  for 5-10 mins,the dough will appear sticky.

                                 Flour the suface and knead the dough till it rollsout well.For flouring and kneading use the remaining flour from the measurement given above.

                                 Place the dough in a greased bowl and cover with damp kitchen towel or cling film.set aside to proof for about 2 hours.Flour the surface again punch and knead the dough by folding over and over to get the right texture ie..upto non-sticky and soft.set aside again for 20-30 mins.

                                Knead again and part them into three pieces.Roll with hands till it becomes a long strip,now join one edge and make braid like we do in our hair.set aside for 20 mins till it doubles.

Preheat oven at 200°c.

Bake the braid bread for 30-35 mins according to your oven.

In addition to this i have made a chistmas tree challah especially for christmas eve........

Beautiful braid

snowman cookies and christmas tree challah


Sunday, 15 December 2013


  American snowman cookies

                              These cookies are awesome and interesting to make.I enjoyed doing this and i like to thank Priya Ranjit of www.cooklikepriya.com from  HBC ( home-bakers-challenge)  for giving us these amazing recipes.

                           The dough mixture is very simple and easy,but creativity is needed to convert the dough into a snowman.The result is awesome,tasty cookies i have got.

Recipe Source & image courtesy - Tasteofhome.com


Butter-1 cup,softened

powdered  sugar-1/2 cup+1 tbsp

 water-1 tsp   

 almond essence-1/4 tsp

 flour-21/2 cups

 baking powder-1 tsp

red and green colour 

coloured gimmies(coloured sugar balls)


              Preheat oven to 180 ͦ c      

           1.  In a bowl add butter beat well and add sugar pr beat till creamy and light.

         2. Add water,almond essence mix well and mix in flour to make a soft dough.

        3.Divide the dough in three quaters.Take one part of the dough and divide them into two              parts,add red colour to one part and green to another mix well till the dough gets coloured.Keep them in fridge for just 5-10 mins,take it out.

        4.Roll the dough into a ball and flatten them this is its body.

         5.Then take some dough and roll smaller ball than the first one and attach to the flattened roll as head.

       6.Take some dough from coloured one and roll out and make a hat for the snowman and fix it in its head.

    7.Now the time to make the scarf take small pieces from each dough roll like a long strip and twist them,attach them to his neck.

 8.Now give him eyes,mouth and buttons as you wish.Arrange them seperately in a bakingsheet carefully.

 Bake them for 15-20 mins cool them and remove from the sheet.


     Attach them close so that it can't be seperated after baking.

   Arrange the cookies with the help of a spatulaRemove from bakingsheet when they cool completely.

                                      Roll the balls small one and big one and flatten them

Attach the head and hat to the body

place them on the baking tray

                                               pierce the gimmies for eyes,mouth and buttons

Roll the coloured dough into a long strip

twist them like a scarf

Attach them on the snowman now he is complete.



Wednesday, 4 December 2013


                                        Slovak paska bread(eggless)

Yet an another challenge from gayathri's eggless baking group.This bread is an interesting one to make and I had fun doing this.My elder daughter helped me to make decorations over the bread and this smily has been made by her.

                    The peeps came out really well.I'm so happy with the results..........

Recipe Source: Eastern European Food


Milk-1 cup

 sugar-1/4 cup

 butter-12 tbsps 

salt-11/2 tsp

 active dry yeast-11/2 tbsp 

sugar-1/2 tbsp 

warm water-1/2 cup

 curd-1/2 cup

 sugar 1/2 tbsp 

milk-2 tbsps (for milk wash)

 flour-4 1/2 cups 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1.In a pan add milk,butter and 1/2 cup sugar heat in low heat and cool to lukewarm.

2.Heat warm water add 1 tbsp sugar and a pinch of salt in a bowl sprinkle dry yeast over it and keep it aside for 5 mins without disturbing them.

3.In a hand mixer attach hook attachment and add curd,milk mixture and half part of flour mix well add remaining part of the dough and blend well till the dough rolls until it doesn't stick to the hook.

4.place the dough in a greased pan and cover with clingfilm let it proof to double for 2 hrs.

5.sprinkle flour on the surface and knead the dough again till smooth.

6.Divide dough in 3 parts.place one part in a greased tin and leave it to rise for 45 mins.

7.Roll the 2nd part of the dough roll some  into long strip and fold into half and twist them.place on the dough in tin to make a rim,in remaining dough make decorations of your wish.let them to rise for 20 mins and bake them for 45 mins.

In the 3rd part of the dough take some dough and roll them like a sausage and make a knot in centre make the beak in one edge and slit into three parts on the another edge.Now it'll look like a bird and bake them for 25 mins.


                         Sfogliatelle(lobster tail)

                        It is not an easy recipe to make it needs more patience and some experience in kneading and rolling the dough.Knead the dough without pasta machine is a bit tough but i managed to do that.It is difficult and hard to handle. 
                          I made it vegetarian,I haven't  used eggs in the filling.This recipe is the daring bakers challenge by the host  Sandie .I really amazed that  the finished product cameout really well.I don't even believe in my eyes.I gave a big applause to myself  ha ha haa......yeahhhhh.... i can make sfogliatelle with pasta machine wow.........
                           Do try  friends, you will also enjoy making this like me.Frankly speaking i haven't got it sooo perfect.If you have the perfect mail me with the pics.I'll be so happy to hear from you friends.


semolina-ricotta filling:

milk(200 ml)- 1 cup

 granulated sugar-1/2 cup(115 gms) 

semolina-2/3 cup

 ricotta-11/2 cups

 cream-2 tbsp 

milk-2 tbsp 

vannila essence- 2 tsp

 milk chocolate-50 gms

 orange marmalade-1 tbsp

 lemon zest-1 tbsp


Heat milk and sugar in a pan stir till the sugar dissolves and the milk  heats up,add in semolina and whisk well till it boils and become thick.Pour in a tray and cool them.Cut into pieces and add in a blender add remaining ingredients and blend well till it becomes creamy and  thick.Can adjust with milk to get the consistency and store in fridge.


If you wish to use riccotta cheese you can make it at home itself .This is nothing but like the homemade cottage cheese(panner in india).I have avoided egg yolks,candied orange peel and ground cinnamon from the original recipe and used cream,milk,orange marmalade and chocolate.mmm its taste soo good as i have been expected.

Here comes the main part,the making of sfogliatelle ricci:


flour- 3 cups  

salt- 6 gms 

warm water-3/4 cup 

vanaspathi-115 gms 

 butter(softened)-115 gms


        1.Combine flour and salt in a hand mixer with paddle hook attachment.Mix the dough well with water till it combines well and make a smooth dough.The dough would become smooth if you use the hand mixer otherwise you have to knead it with hands and use the pasta machine till it combines and form the thick dough.Keep in refridgerator for 2 hrs to 5 hrs.

      2.Beat vanaspathi and butter together till fluffy.Can use them in liquid form.

     3.Remove the dough from fridge and cut into 4 pieces.Work with one by one roll them till a thin layer of dough is formed.

     4.On  the other side you must see your hands the dough should be that much thin.elaborate the sides with your hands Beware it must not tear.Do it slowly and coat well with beaten butter mixture and roll tight like a cigar.

    5.Keep aside and do it again with another piece of the dough and coat the butter mixture all over and place the rolled dough on this sheet and roll tight again.Do the same with all pieces of dough and make the roll like a big cigar.

     6.Trim off the edges and  cover well with plastic wrap and store it in fridge.

    7.Remove from fridge and place them aside till it reaches the room temperature.

  8. Cut them into 1" thick slices and press with thumb aand make like a cone shaped bag.fill in semolina  mixture and close the edges.

       Preheat oven to 200 degrees

  9. Arrange the cones in a baking tray and bake them for 20-25 mins.

Sprinkle sugar pr and serve hot.


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