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Tuesday, 28 January 2014



Labongo latika

                             This is a sweet dish from bengal.Bengalis like sweets a lot and it plays a vital role in their diningtable and their social  ceremonies.Labongo means "clove".clove is used to seal the envelope like folding of the dough.

                           The stuffing is made of khoya,un sweetened condensed milk.It is generally available in the market or you can prepare at home.I have tried a new and easy version of making khoya,I made the khoya with milk powder.

                       I made this dish for the SNC - South Vs North Challenge by Divya Pramil.This group is having north team and south team.Every month they are challenging each other with their authentic dish.I belong to south team and this month Sanoli Ghosh from sanolisrecipies challenged south team with Labongo latika.


For the dough:

Maida-1 cup 

sugar pr-1 tbsp  

salt-a pinch 

baking pr-a pinch 

 nutmeg pr-a pinch 

saffron-few strands soakes in 1 tbsp of warm water  

ghee-11/2 tbsp warm water as needed to knead a soft dough.  

cloves-10 nos 


 In a bowl add maida,sugar pr,salt,baking pr,saffron water and ghee mix well add warm water slowly to the mixture and knead well till it becomes a soft dough.Cover it with a wetcloth and set aside for 20 mins.

khoya filling:

Skimmed milk powder-1 cup 

 hotwater-1/2 cup

 sugar- 4 tbsp or according to your taste

                                Mix them well with a whisk and pour into a saucepan.Heat till the sauce thickens and doesnot stick to the spoon when it cooled down.If it reaches the consistency then cool it down.

Sugar syrup:

sugar-1 cup 

water-1/2 cup 

cloves 2-3 nos(I have omitted rose essence and used cloves to make it smells clove)

                      Mix all ingredients and make two strands thick syrup.keep it warm.


                                        Cut the dough into 10 equal parts.Take one ball and roll them flat then fill in the mixture in centre and close the sides and make an envelope.pierce each envelope with clove and fry them in hot oil and arrange them in a plate.Pour the sugar syrup over it and serve.



Monday, 20 January 2014


   Dutch coffee buns-Kofiee broodje

                                            Dutch cusine is originated from netherlands.They eat more vegetables and little meat.The dutch people are fond of drinking coffee and tea throughout the day often served with biscuits and these kofiee broodje,the coffee bun.

                                        This month swathi of  baking partners with kaveri.They suggested dutch apple pie and dutch coffee buns.I have cooked coffee buns and they are awesome,i liked it a lot.I halved the recipe and Its fun making these buns.


maida-11/2 cup

lukewarm milk-1/2 cup+1 tbsp  


butter-11/2 tbsp  

sugar-2 tbsp  

vanilla essence-1/2 tsp

 salt-1/2 tsp 

 raisins(soaked in warm water for 10 mins)-2 tbsp

For cream:

vanilla pudding mix pr-1/2 cup 

milk-1 cup

cream cheese- 1/4 cup

                      I made the vanilla pudding mix on my own

vanilla pudding mix:


 milk powder-1/2 cup 

  corn flour-1/2 cup

  sugar-3/4 cup

 vanilla bean(slit and scraped)-2 whole

  salt-3/4 tsp


                       mix all ing. above and store in a container and use when needed.

For glaze:

mixed fruit jam-2 tbsp 

 warm water-1 tbsp


          1.  In a bowl add warm milk,sugar and salt stir to dissolve.Sprinkle yeast on top,leave aside for 10 mins or until it rises.

        2. In another bowl add in the yeast mixture and flour knead to a loosen dough and leave for about 1hr to prove.

       3. Heat milk given for vanilla pudding mix and stir vigorously with vanilla pudding mix pr till it thickens and coats the spoon approximately for 3 mins.set aside and allow them to cool.when cooled beat in cream cheese and set aside.

     4. preheat oven to 180°c

     5.knead the risen dough for 2 mins and roll them flat into a rectangular shape spread the cream in centre leaving the sides and sprinkle soaked raisins.roll them tight and cut into 2" inch thick.slightly flatten the roll and arrange in a greased baking tray.

     6.Bake for 25 mins  and apply butter on top then mix jam and warm water and brush the glaze over it and enjoy with hot black coffee......

the cream filling


bun in the oven

Sunday, 12 January 2014



   Cabbage mayonnaise

                                                          Mayonnaise is the delicious binding agent for salads.It can be used for layering toated breads too.There are many kinds of mayo available in markets with and without eggs.I tried mayo with white cabbage,this is the healthiest version and low calorie food.Its delicious and interesting recipe.Now you can have this topping in your sandwich without any fear of calories.........


cabbage pulp-5 tbsp(white part of cabbage-1 cup,boiled and grind with 1 tbsp cream) 

  yellow mustard-1 tsp 

 olive oil-7-8 tbsp  

salt to taste 

white pepper powder-1/2 tsp 

 sugar-1 tsp   

lemon juice-2 tbsp


               To whisk them you can use hand blender with paddle attachment or can use mixer grinder.Whisk cream and sugar well then add remaining ingredients except oil whisk them well till it thickens then gradually add olive oil and whisk well.You have to add oil drop by drop if you are using mixer then pour oil through small open on top.whisk till it thickens and reaches the mayonnaise consistency store them in an air tight container in fridge.Have a healthy eating.........................

Your comments means a lot to me.Feel free to comment friends................................

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    French Sables/Biscuits

                                 Sables is a kind of biscuit from france.It has soft,delicate and crumbly texture.After the christmas bakes Priya Suresh and Priya Ranjit From  Home Baker's Challenge

                      They challenged us french recipies for last month's challenge.

I love french cuisine a lot.I have tried many recipies but haven't tried sables.I thank them for giving us those wonderful french bakes.Those sables were awesome as usual my kids loved it a lot and I've teached this recipe in my cookery class also.


milk/water-1 tsp

Flour-21/2 cups  

 Butter-1 cup 

 Sugar pr-1/2 cup   

vanilla essence-1/2 tsp

 baking pr-1/2 tsp 

 For chocolate sables: 

 cocoa pr-1 tsp 


        In a bowl add Butter,baking pr and sugar pr mix well add van.ess,milk/water at this time you can add cocoa pr to the mixture and add flour.Knead the soft dough and set in fridge if you need for 5 mins and roll them in 1.5"thick.Cut them in desired shapes and arrange them in a greased baking tray.

Pre-heat oven in 350°f/180°c

Bake them for 15-18 mins.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


                               Apple Cream  Brulee(Eggless)

                    This month Gayathri's baking eggless group has choosen my suggestion from  Sanjeev Kapoor's Cream brulee.I feel so happy and feared to try this recipe.It contains lots of eggs and it helps the brulee to set and cooks in steam.I thought of many egg replacers but the flavour should also be good.So i decided to select apple as a supplement.It tastes really good and asusual my kids love it.I have tried this recipe yesterday and set in fridge.This morning as soon as I took it out from the fridge within a minute they have finished it.

Recipe source: Sanjeev Kapoor


Cream-3/4 cup  

milk-1/4 cup 

 Apple-1 whole,chopped app.1 cup 

 sugar-4 tbsp  

 water-2 tbsp

 Agar Agar jelly melted in water-1 tbsp

  cinnamon stick-1/2 inch 

  Demerara sugar-2 tbsp


Preheat oven in 180°c

                 In a pan heat cream and milk till it heats up and cool them.Grind Apple and cinnamon  with a spoon of cream mixture to a pulp.In a pan heat water and sugar till it dissolves add apple and cinnamon mixture cook for 2 mins and cool them.When its completely cooled down mix them together and strain them.Now add Agar agar jelly mix well.pour the mixture in the ramekein mould or silicon mould.Can use any other baking mould.Pour hot water in a tray and place the mould in center.Bake them in steambath for 30 mins.Now immediately transfer it to fridge and set them for 4 hrs.remove them from fridge sprinkle demarara sugar over them.Easy way to burn them you can use cigar lighter over the sugar or In an non-stick pan caramelize sugar with 1 tsp of water and pour over the cream brulee.Another method is sprinkle sugar and heat laddle on hot plate and place them over the sugar.

before topping

cream brulee


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