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Saturday, 21 February 2015


Heart Cookies with Icing-Valentines day special Smiley

Cookies,biscuits everybody loves to try it from kids to elder ones.This day of valentine,we love to try something lovely and colourful to show our love to our loved ones and our loving kids.I made these valentine cookies to show love to my kids..........I love them a lot........

Try this easy and colourful cookies and make your loved ones feeling special and happy......... Smiley

Heart cookies with Icing-Valentines day special



          Cookies recipe: 

I followed my french sables recipe for the dough


    Use heart shaped cookie cutter cut the dough and bake the cookies at 180°c for 12-18 mins



         Icing sugar-1 cup


 Food colour-few drops

 Mix all well and do icing if the icing is too watery just adjust it with some more icing sugar or milk powder will do the magic.Now fill the icing in pipping bags and place fine tip nozzle or cut the bag in tip and give your cookies beautiful designs and colours with your creativity.........

Sending this to Remya's kitchen First blog anniversary celebration and giveaway

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Gnocchi with tomatoes/pasta Smiley

Italian cusine is well-known to everyone and nobody can omit eating italian dishes.It is very delicious and simple to prepare.I love Ialian cusine a lot and I've tried almost all the recipes................

It has a range of sweets,savory and desserts.A very simple and easy to make from available items in our kitchen.I've started an event about world cusine and have a group and page named "WORLD FOOD GUIDE" in facebook and google plus.This page is to introduce people about world cusine and its recipes.Anybody can join and share or enjoy world food with the alphabet given for that month.This february is a month of valentine so I've decided to start from letter "I" for Italy,a place where first valentines day was celebrated.https://www.facebook.com/pages/World-food-guide/1409234019372928 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1532007913728797/

Come join hands with us and get ready to travel around the world with licking hands!!!!!

Cusine: Italian



Potato-3,boiled and mashed  

 Maida flour-3`-4 tbsp

 salt to taste  


In a large bowl add boiled potatoes and mash well without any lumps or grate them.Add salt and maida to knead it into a dough consistency.Potato has more moisture so add some more flour to make the dough stiff but not too much.The dough should be soft and pliable.Then cover them with clingfilm or kitchen towel and set aside for 5 mins.

Now split the dough into small balls,take one small ball and slightly press with thumb over a fork or on the floor even with the wooden stick available in stores to make  stroke mark on them.

Heat water with salt and boil the gnocchis for just two mins or till it floats and set aside.

Tomato sauce:


 Garlic-few pods,peeled and chopped

  Tomatoes-2,blanched in hotwater peeled and chopped  

 Dry thyme-a pinch

 Dry basil- a pinch 

salt to taste

 Red chilly flakes-1/2 tsp

  Olive oil/butter-1 tbsp coriender/parsley- few,chopped  

Cheddar Cheese-2 tbsp


In a pan add Olive oil/butter add garlic saute a while then add in onion fry well till translucent.Add in chopped tomatoes,dry herbs,chilly flakes and salt saute a little then add boiled gnocchi's stir well and serve with cheese,parsley or coriender on top.

Enjoy the taste of Italian dish GNOCCHI with ingredients from our kitchen.........!!!!!!! 

mash boiled potatoes

Knead with flour

Make a smooth and pliable dough

                                                                              Make small balls 


                                                            Make impression with your thumb

                                                           Or with this store bought stick

                                                                Boil in water for 1-2 mins

                                        Saute with these spices,onion,garlic and tomato puree

                                                                  Enjoy your gnocchi!!!!!!

sending this post to Remya's kitchen  First blog anniversary celebration and giveaway

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Woman Hood

photo courtesy-Google

    Women what a powerful word !!!!!!! This world is working becoz of women....Nothing is there without the word women............women women women everywhere,everyword,everything is in and around women. BUT..............Do they honoured by everyone, do they get every single right they own. Do they acheive the things what they deserve......

If you ask the question by yourself,It will be a big NOOOO.....You can try to compromise me that things has been changed now-a-days.Girls are very independent now and they are enjoying the outerworld without any fear and hurdles.But tell me then why raping,womanizing,abusing women happening every now and then.There are 33,000 and above raping cases last year.Is it for fun?

Women will always be refused, denied and ignore by men. People can be happy to see men achieving something like doctor, designer, and actor... But when this comes to a women, they neglect ... I myself wanted to learn well and wanted to achieve something in life... But people around gave me only the opportunity to be a housewife... During that earlyadult age of mine, I was not able to fight against any one, who banished my dreams.After few years things got changed I started to learn about the society and people... Fought many times for my studies but the only response was opposition... I was not ready to give up.. My mind leaded me to choose between my duties OR my studies.I decided to continue my studies along with my duties. I ignored the people who were against me.... This confidence made me to continue my studies with my own savings........  

There is a spell "If anybody is financially and literally independent then they can acheive anything in life......."

AND I got my degree... I am not able to express my happiness in words.... That feeling was chanceless.... My dream doesn't come to an end by studies I started in search of my recognition to the world. I have started my search,I learned many languages in books and continued my search online I learned Interior decoration and designed few homes.Still this is not my passion I want to acheive.After a long journey at last I found my passion............

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I have a great passion over cooking since my childhood and I love to innovate new things...Without wasting my time I decided to start my blog to share my own unique recipes. I was new to blogging and stuffs and started learning from other blogs and their works on it... I began to work on my blog which took me a year to understand things...  but now I think I am good at it....Now I am a recogonised blogger among others... I can't surely tell that I have achieved something.. But can surely tell that I have secured something that makes me happy... Thereby can proudly tell that now I am a busy food blogger... 

photo courtesy-Google

"Every single person on the planet has a meaning in their life and has a duty to complete. They may not be recognised when they born but they must not die unrecognised"

A woman must fight for her right and show her potentiality to reach her goal.She has to fight against her opposition. Held your hands to your heart... Listen to it... Do what it says............

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Life is a only single question paper given by God to be filled by ourselves....... 

"A persons happiness depends upon what they do and what they achieve not becoz of money"

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