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Monday 17 March 2014



   Madurai spl butter bun

                       Madurai is a temple city in TamilNadu,India.It has its own flavourful journey in food.Some of the signature dishes in Madurai are jigathanda,butter bun,kari dosai(mutton dosa),mullumurungai vadai,paruthippal etc.....

                   Butter bun is the street food available in madurai.We can find roadside butterbun shops round the corner.I love the buttery taste with lots of sweetness in the bun.You can made bun of needed size on your own.It's very easy to make at home.You can avoid adding more butter but eat when it is hot........Only 3 Ingredients are needed to make yummy butter buns...........


Bun-4-5 nos  

softened butter-1/4 cup   

granulated sugar-1/4 cup  


               Heat Tawa,Slit bun into half coat a spoon of butter over it and sprinkle some sugar and place that side down on the hot Tawa and press gently with the spatula then flip it over and do it till crisp and serve hot...........


slit bun into half

apply butter

Heat on Tawa

sprinkle sugar and do on Tawa

Serve hot

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