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Wednesday 19 November 2014


Herbal Soup

Cold and cough will never leave us in any season.If we are low immune then this dragon will live with us for ever.Cough ll never leave us even to sleep.Even kids will suffer a lot of cold and cough........Medicines for cough will give you relief but not immediately.......I present you hear a herbal payasam which will give immediate relief and  comfort from severe cold..............

I got this recipe from my aunty and she got this from her mom,may be she got from her mom.................................It is so authentic and tested recipe.So you can try this without any fear......................very simple and yummy medicineSmiley The ingredients given below are full herbal products you can find these items in a departmental store or in an organic shop in your locality...............

Serves-3 persons  

 prep time-`5 mins 

cooking time-5 mins


Raw rice-2 tbsp

   chitharathai(galangal roots)- 1 stick 

 Thippili(long pepper)-1/2 stick,Break into two 

  vaalmilagu(Tailed pepper,Jawa pepper)-3-4 corns  

      panam kalkandu(crystalized palm sugar or rock candy)-3 tbsp   

jaggery-1/4 cup,grated  

coconut grated-2 tbsp or coconut milk-1/2 cup 

water-1 cup ground paste :3 cups water 

a pinch of salt


Soak raw rice in water for 20 mins.

Grind chitharathai(galangal roots),Thippili(long pepper), vaalmilagu(Tailed pepper,Jawa pepper) grind them to a course powder and take 1/2 tsp from that powder.You can preserve the remaining for next time.Add soaked Raw rice and ground powder to the mixer and grind to a fine paste with some water.

In a nonstick pan put ground paste stir well with water if you are using coconut milk use instead of water,milk should be watery in 1:3 ratio and heat them....stir continuously because it may create lumps.When the mixture thickens add panam kalkandu(crystalized palm sugar or rock candy) stir till it dissolves.Mix in grated jaggery,salt and coconut grated,if not using coconut milk.Stir well and remove from fire and serve hot..............!!!!!!!!!!Smiley


  • Use Raw rice(paccharisi)
  • mix the ground paste either in water or in coconut milk
  • Use coconut milk or grated coconut 
  • While boiling stir continuously to prevent lumps you can use ballon whisk too..
  • For grated jaggery slice the jaggery with knife.
  • you can make this in drinking cosistency or in soup consistency.For drink,use some more water or coconut milk.
  • It is very effective when drink in empty stomach.

Do it drink it and keep yourself and your family away from this nasty cold.........Emoticon

chitharathai(galangal roots)

Thippili(long pepper)

Vaal milagu(tailed pepper corns)

ground herbs

Heats up

Herbal soup with coconut milk

Herbal soup with grated coconut


  1. Wow ,I used to make something similar to this,but yours is looking perfect for a herbal soup


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