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Saturday 24 October 2015


Mango mousse mugs

A mug treat is a comfort food  for all kinds of people. Kids will have more excitement when they have their favourite food in a mug. I made mango mousse with my leftover whipping cream and the mangoes which we can't eat as it is becoz of its sour taste. I converted it into a yummy mango mousse and got many appreciation from my family members.......

Really they won't easily appreciate my cooking as they like only traditional Indian recipes. But this mousse was a superhit they loved eating them.

This post is for blogging marathon #57 week 4 day 1 and theme is mug treats.................


Fresh cream- 1 cup  

mango- 1, peeled and cubed  orange juice- 1/4 cup 

orange rind- 1 tsp  

sugar- 2 tbsp( add more if the mango is tasteless) i used nearly 1/4 cup 

 geletin powder- 1/2 tsp

 water- 1 tbsp


In a pan add mango cubes, orange rind, orange juice and sugar boil well till the mangoes cook completely and mashes well. Slightly  cool them and grind them into a thick pulp then strain them through a seive. You have to use a ladle to seive them through a strainer mash them completely and remove the husk. You can store them in a airtight container and store in freezer for an year. Until next mango season :D, this reminds me an advertisement too........

Beat chilled cream till  peaks form. Mix in the mango pulp for about 1/4 cup mix well and layer them in a glass mug half filled. Keep them in fridge for 1/2 an hour to set. Meanwhile heat gelatin with water till it dissolves and add to the remaining mango pulp. 

Gently pour them on the top of mango cream filled mugs to form a layer and set them in fridge for about an hour and serve chilled this yummy treat...........................



  1. I don't consume gelatin but that looks like one decadent dessert.

    1. Thank you suma.. If you dont consume gelatin you can avoid it,the mousse will not set properly but it wont change its taste.

  2. Thats a delicious and irresistible mousse mugs, elegant dessert..

  3. This mango mousse is gorgeous! Yumm

  4. Mango flavored desserts are always a hit. This is no exception.

  5. Yummy, your mango mousse mugs look so inviting.

  6. Irresistible and delicious mousse.

  7. beautiful color and I love anything with mango - must taste great

  8. Love mango with anything.Mousse looks yummy.


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