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Tuesday 19 August 2014


                 Chocolate-Cinnamon relish treat

                       I'm not a big fan of chocolates,but my elder daughter is a chocoholic.She can do anything for chocolates and viratkohli.May be thats the reason my space has more chocolate recipes.This is not a mousse,I can say it is a chocolate dessert...........This a four layered dessert with vanilla custard,cinnamon infused sugar,some fruits and ofcourse chocolates......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made this recipe for shhh secret challenge by Priya Suresh .I'm paired with  Pallavi Purani from http://thoushaltcook.wordpress.com/ 

She suggested me Yummy chocolates and smoky cinnamon........Now we go into the recipe before that we have work on it.

Cinnamon infused sugar:

  • Cinnamon-4 sticks
  • Sugar -1/2 cup 
                       In an airtight container add both and close tightly,leave them for a week.Now you can get the smell of cinnamon in sugar too......

                                       For vanilla pudding mix powder read my   recipe -http://cookingclub17.blogspot.in/2014/01/dutch-coffee-buns-kofiee-broodje.html


 first base:

Vanilla pudding mix-2 tbsp

Milk- 1/2 cup

cinnamon sugar-2 tbsp(powdered)  

In a pan heat milk add pudding mix and sugar stir to become thick.Cool them and set in a mousse cup to 1/4 level and set in fridge.It'll take 30 mins apx..........

Second base:

Chocolate-1/2 cup(sugared or dark)  

Cream-1/2 cup  

cinnamon powder-a pinch 

Heat cream till warm add chocolate and cinnamon stir till chocolate dissolves.Now pour into half of the cup over the set vanilla mix and set them in fridge for another 30 mins.

Third base:

Seasonal fruits-1/4 cup(chopped)

I used ramuttan and lychee chopped

add a layer of chopped fruits just 1 tsp in each cup.Spread them and set aside for few mins.

Fourth base:

In this layer you can use any kind of ice cream mix as directed by the pack.I used black currant Icecream powder mixed with hot milk.

Icecream mix- 4 tbsp 

 hot milk-1/2cup

Mix them and cool completely pour into the cup and level the top.Then set in fridge for another 30 mins and decorate with chopped chocolates,cinnamon powder and fruits.Now enjoy the layers of Chocolate cinnamon relish treat.................


  1. Thats a fabulous and delicious treat for a chocoholic person like me..Drooling here.

  2. G'day! This looks delicious! I love anything chocolate!
    Congrats on completing this month's secret ingredient challenge too!
    Cheers! Joanne


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