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Tuesday 17 June 2014


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       COUSCOUS -TOMATO RISSOTO


I have posted a Risotto and a Couscous (maftoul) recipe before in my blog.But this recipe is quite  an interesting one becoz I've combined both and made a different dish for my shhh cooking secretly challenge this time with Nirmala gurunathan from http://nimmuguru.blogspot.in/.

Risotto  is an Italian recipe  and Couscous is the recipe of middleeast.Isn't that interesting to make a dish combined.I also felt excited to make this dish and as I wish the dish came out well and my daughters who loves risotto completed the plate so quickly.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do try this interesting recipe friends..............


To make Couscous:

Broken wheat-1 cup  

 Wheat flour- 2 tbsp

  Salt to taste  

Water needed   


        In a large plate or bowl add Broken wheat and sprinkle 1/4 cup of water and mix them well.place them for 2 mins and add some wheat flour to it  and some water mix them in circular motion.So the brokenwheat and the flour combines and form like granules.Do the process till it forms tiny granules.(I cant mention the exact measure of the flour and water.If the granules are formed in shape you stop the process.For the guideline see me maftoul recipe.Method is same for both.


Heat the steamer or Idly steamer and steam the prepared couscous until it changes its color it'll take 5-7 mins.Cool it and can store in airtight container for 3 days or store in fridge for a month.Use when needed.

Before making a risotto we have to do some preperations.As We have to couscous and vegetable stock.

For vegetable stock:

Mixed vegetables-1 cup   

Bay leaf-1  

Cumin seeds-1 tsp  

Pepper corns-5 nos 

 cinnamon-1 stick    

Water-5 cups


Boil all together for atleast 15-20 mins and strain the stock from vegetables and set aside.This can be used for upto 1 week when we store it in fridge.



Couscous-1 cup   

Tomato- 2 nos 

 garlic-1/2 tsp crushed 

Onion-1 big,chopped  


Carrot-2 tbsp chopped or julienes

 vegetable stock-11/2 cups(or needed) 

 Cream-11/2 tbsp 

 Butter-2 tbsp  

Oil-1 tsp  

 Chedder cheese-1/2 cup  

salt to taste 

 lemon juice-1 tsp


In a heavy bottom pan add oil and 1 tbsp butter heat and add garlic saute a while add in chopped onion saute till translucent.

Add the chopped vegetables saute till it cooks add tomato saute well then add in couscous,salt mix well then add stock start from 1 scoop boil for a while as the water absorbs add another scoop of water and cook for a while repeat the process until the couscous becomes soft,cooks and combines well with the vegetables.Meanwhile add lemon juice to the risotto.When the risotto cooks well add cream and remaining butter mix well.

Now add cheese mix the risotto and serve hot.....!!!!!!!



  1. Seriously something very new, never thought of making risotto with couscous..

    1. Thank u priya for ur valuable comments.....


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