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Saturday 9 November 2013


                       poached Egg with caramelized onion sandwich


                   poached egg is an egg that has been cooked in simmering liquid.A perfect poaching is cooked white and inside a runny yolk.To prevent dispersion of the white of the egg, a small amount of vinegar may be added to the boiling water.



yummy sandwich

caramelized onion-1 tbsp*

sandwich bread-2

mayonnaise-1 tbsp(optional)

salt and pepper to taste


             ** To poach an Egg:

                  Heat water in a deep pan add salt and when the water starts boil stir in circular motion with a spoon when the water swirls add break in egg and leave it undisturbed for 10 mins and remove egg from water.In this method you'll get the perfectly poached egg.

               *for caramelized onions:

               In a non-stick pan add sliced one big onion and salt saute till it becomes translucent add 1 tbsp sugar stir till the onions change color and caramelize well and cool.

             Cut the sides of sandwich bread and spread mayonnaise spread onions and place Egg on top sprinkle the seasoning and close with another bread.

            Heat tawa(don't use sandwich maker) place the sandwich gently (be careful because the yolk must not break down) and toast on both sides and serve.

poached egg on bread


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