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Tuesday 30 July 2013



 Vegetarian meat pie

Today is my big day......... I have joined the eggless baking group and attended the july challenge of making meat pies in vegetarian version,making meatpie as vegetarian is an interesting job. I have tried many ingredients to replace meat finally i found rajma is the perfect variation to meat.It worked well and i got beautiful and tasty vegetarian pie............here is the recipe.....

recipe source-http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Mrs-Maduros-Meat-Pies

for filling:

500 gms-Rajma soaked overnight and half bolied untill 2 whistles
tomatoes-2 peeled,deseeded and chopped
onion-1 they used yellow onion i used white, finely chopped
garlic- 1 clove peeled and chopped
pimento-stuffed olive-1,minced
butter-1 tbsp
cider vinegar-1 tbsp
dry red chilly flakes-1 tsp
fresh parsley-1 tbsp minced
thyme-1 spring,can use dry thyme-1 tsp
salt and pepper-to taste
flour-1 tbsp
dry mustard-1/2 tsp,powdered
dry sherry-3 tbsp,instead i used redwine
1/4 cups water

for dough:

flour-4 cups
salt-1 tsp
cold butter-11/4 cups
ice water-1 cup

for glaze:

softened butter-2 tbsp


In a pan combine boiled rajma drained,tomatoes,onion,garlic,olives,butter,vinegar,redchilly flakes,parsley,thyme,water,salt and pepper cook covered over medium heat till waater evaporates and mash rajma till crumbly texture and mix in flour,mustard pr and redwine with 1/4 cups water and cook till thickens.

sift flour,salt in a bowl add cold butter mix well till the flour appears crumble texture add in ice water stir well and make a dough.flour the surface and roll the dough into 1/4 inch thickness cut using a cutter in a roundshape according to the mould,i used muffin moulds and place the sheet to fit the mould and fill in the mixture 

then roll another dough to cover the filling and seal the edges by piercing the sides with fork.Brush them with softened butter and prick on top once.preheat the oven to 200 degree and place the mould on baking tray.Bake untill golden brown for abt 30 mins(i baked it for 40mins to get brown).

                                           the filling i made

                                            rajma stuffed vegtarian pie


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