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Sunday 7 September 2014



                            Orange and Almond cake   

  Actually speaking I love oranges a lot among fruits.Dont know why,may be becoz of its smell,its taste and its color.....Making an orangy orange cake is the top of my wishlist.I found an opportunity to make this cake becoz my elder daughter,she asked for a moist and soft cake to eat.At once Oranges came into my mind and I had a dozen at home.So I started making this cake,I havent used only maida also used almond meal along with them.This gives the cake a moisty texture and softness....Adding an extra flavour I used cocoa powder thats why the cake changes color but tasted the same orangy flovour......



              Maida -3/4 cup   

Almond meal-1/2 cup
   sugar powdered- 1/2 cup   
orange juice - 1/2 cup 
cocoa powder - 1 tbsp
   Egg -1 
  Baking powder-1 tsp
  orange rind-1 tsp
 Butter - 2 tbsp
  orange essence or color - optional.

Royal Icing:

Egg white-1 egg  

 orange juice-1 tsp 

 powdered sugar or icing sugar-1 cup

For cake:


Almond meal: 

 To make almond meal soak almonds in water and microwave them for 3 mins.place them in cool water and now the skin will peel off easily.This is called blanching.now place them in a damp cloth wipe out water from almonds and dry roast them for a while in a pan.Note they should not be roasted.then cool them and grind with some icing sugar app.1/4 cup.......sift the almond meal and set aside.

For cake:

Pre heat oven to 180°c

In a mixing bowl put butter and sugar beat till soft and creamy.Mix orange juice with cocoa powder and add to the mixture beat till combined add orange rind,it is nothing but orange peel,egg,orange color beat well then fold in almond meal and maida sifted with baking powder mix well.Sprinkle orange zest in the pan and pour the batter,i used a spring form bundt pan.......

Bake the cake for 25-30 mins,cool them and remove from the pan........

For Icing:

Beat egg whites in a clean bowl,the whisk and the bowl should be clean and damp otherwise the whites will not form peaks.Beat till peaks form add in sugar powder and orange juice.I used Powdered sugar but the icing was not that stift to make decoration so I advise you to use Icing sugar......................


Place cake in a neat plate and pour the Icing over the cake.........Now its time to serve the cake. enjoyyy this soft and moist cake with your family......!!!!!!!!



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