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Monday 15 September 2014


  Jamun bonda

Bonda means a spicy/sweet fried dish in round shape.It is an Indian dish can make with some filling in it or without any filling.It is an evening snack we can have with tea or coffee.These bondas are made of instant flour that is actually used to make gulab jamun....Can't believe this???????Believe dears it is made of gulab jamun flour with some spices,very easy and simple dish that is ready to eat in 5mins........


               Gulab jamun mix powder(any brand)-1 cup   

  red chilly powder-1 tsp  

 onion,big-1/4 cup chopped 

  asafoetida-a pinch 

 salt to taste 

 oil to fry 


           In a bowl add gulab jamun powder,red chillt powder,asf,salt mix well with some water you'll need 1/4cup+2 tbsp water for 1 cup flour.Knead the dough till thick and firm dough.Heat oil and pour 1tsp of hot oil over the dough and make small balls.Fry till crisp in simmer for about 3-4 mins........

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