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Wednesday 17 September 2014


Falafel wrap(Restaurant style)

When hearing this name you will think that this recipe is not my type and I can't afford my time and money to try this recipe at home.But wait................It is a very simple recipe you can easily make at home with the ingredients stored in your fridge............I used rajma(dry red beans),paneer these are the two ingredients suggested by Hema vijai for Shhh secret challenge by priya suresh.And adding to that I used wheat flour,cheese(you can avoid),onion and some seasonings thats it.See the above all ingredients you can get from your pantry right?Now lets see how can we make it and surprise our kids.....!!!!!!!!!!



wheat flour-1 cup   

salt to taste 

Rajma Falafel(Tikki):

Rajma(Red kidney beans)-1/2 cup  

potato,boiled-1/2 cup


cashew nuts-1 tbsp,optional

   red chilly powder-1/2 tsp

  spice powder-1/4 tsp 

 salt to taste   

 corn flour/maida-1 tbsp 

 bread crumbs-1/2 cup  

oil to fry

Cream sauce:

Paneer-1/4 cup grated  

Cheese(cheddar/processed)-1 tbsp,optional  

Red chilly powder-1/2 tsp 

 Salt a pinch 

  Sugar-1/2 tsp 

 Dry herbs-1/4 tsp or ajwain(omam)-a pinch 

cream/milk-1/2 cup


Soak Rajma(red kidney beans) overnight or 6-7 hrs.

In a bowl add wheat flour,salt and some water mix well and knead the dough till soft and elastic.

Pressure cook them with some and water till mashed.Drain them and add to the mixer add in redchilly powder,salt,boiled potatoes,cashewnuts,spice powder,you can use any kind of spice powder or regulPar garam masala powder grind well till combined and mashed well.Now heat oil In a wide bowl add corn flour and some water to make a paste not too thick or watery........In another plate spread bread crumbs.Take some rajma mixture roll them like a ball and slightly flatten them,shape them to round flat tikkis dip them into the corn mixture and coat bread crumbs all over then again dip them in corn mixture then again coat bread crumbs completely and do deep fry or shallow fry.

In a blender add paneer,cheese,red chilly powder,dry herbs/ajwain,salt(cheese contains salt so add needed,cream/milk,sugar and salt grind to a fine paste.

Now take a ball shape of the wheat dough and roll flat and round.With a knife make a cut from centre and start rolling from one end to another.Now you get a long cigar shaped dough.Coat some oil over the dough and again roll them round and flatten them to a chapathi shape.It is non other than the method to make malabar parathas.Heat griddle/tawa cook the parantha till done with some oil.Now you get a flaky parantha.

To assemble the falafel wrap:

Take one prantha and place two rajma falafel pour some cream sauce over them and fold half.You can serve them as it is or can heat them in tawa for some time and serve hot.........!!!!!!!!!!!Isn't that easy to make a restaurant style dish at home..........



  1. Awesome work Lakshmi, I like the way you have used the secret ingredients, especially the sauce, very interesting..

  2. G'day! Your felafel look great and wish I could try them now!
    Congrats on completing this month's secret ingredient challenge too!
    Cheers! Joanne

    1. Just go for it Joanne........definetly u ll love it.............

  3. Fantastic that wrap is torturing me..you came out simply awesome with ur secret ingredients Vimala.

    1. Thank you so much priya for your encouraging words.It tempts me to do more.............

  4. Awesome recipe Lakshmi......will try this out for sure.......

  5. Thank you priya pandya-joshi.Give your review aftr you tried this recipe.........

  6. Wow, that is a very unique falafel recipe. ;) Thank you for sharing it at Savoring Saturdays! I hope you'll join us again this weekend!

  7. Thank you Raia.Sure I'll join you.............

  8. Lovely falafel.... Thank you for linking :)


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