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Wednesday 3 September 2014


                 Chocolate Bread rolls

Chocolates,chocolates........Peoples love for chocolates'll never come to an end.These Rolls are soo yummy and a perfect snack for our teatime.It is easily available in bakeries near my place but made by me is something special for my kids.......

                   I made this for HBC by priya suresh and this recipe is suggested by Gayathri kumar from Gayathris cookspot.......She is the great inspiration for most of the bloggers including me........
Recipe source:Original Recipe Link


Maida flour-300 gms  

sugar-30 gms 

 salt-1/4 tsp


 milk-10 gms 

water-150 ml 

yeast-6 gms  

butter-30 gms 


 Chocolate strips


In a bowl add warm water,salt and sugar gently sprinkle yeast on top and set aside for 15 or till it proof undisturbed.....When the yeast mixture bubbles up add in a beater bowl attach hook attachment add milk,egg beat well add maida and knead the dough.Add butter and knead well till soft and pilable.Transfer to a greased bowl cover with clingfilm and place in a warm place for 1-11/2 hrs or till doubles.........................

Dust the floor and knead the dough well.Cut into 10 equal parts.Roll one into an oblonged shape place chocolate strip and roll tight make slits in the edge and close the roll.Place in a greased tray and set aside for 20 mins.After 10 mins preheat oven to 180°c for 10 mins,brush the rolls with beaten egg and bake the chocolate bread rolls for 25-30 mins and serve warm.......!!!!!!!!


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