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Thursday 25 September 2014



  Crèamy chocolato

We will always fond of trying delightful dishes from wonderful recipes. Even we use the right measurements and quantity there will be some excess reserved in your fridge. Like that in my fridge there was some reserved chocolate cake, crumbled biscuits. In addition I made chocolate cream mixture       and layered them in a short glass, set in fridge…………..Wow!!!!! Yummy and delightful dessert is on my table.

                                         I made this dish for my 5 ingredient fix challenge with 5 ingredients.It is easy and yummy try this for sure.You will love it………….


                                     leftover chocolate cake-1 cup                                    

 Crumbled biscuits-1 cup  

     cream-1 cup       

                              cocoa powder-1 tbsp   

                                  Powdered sugar-1 tbsp


                    In a bowl add cream beat till stiff add in cocoa powder and powdered sugar  beat well. In a tall glass/cup first layer chocolate cake then sprinkle crumbled biscuits then pour cream mixture and then layer the cake then biscuit crumble and pour cream. Do the layering until it reaches top and complete with cream. Set in fridge for 1/2 hr and decorate with cherries then…………Enjoyyyyy……!!!!!!!!!!!



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