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Saturday 20 September 2014



Homemade cream cheese

      We would think cream cheese cannot be made at home.It can only store bought but in stores it costs very high and it cannot afford to our budget.
Now don't worry guys cream cheese can be made at home very easily.Just follow these steps........


       Full cream milk-1 ltr
           Lemon juice/vinegar-1 tsp
         Curd-1 tbsp  
          cream-1 tbsp

                                                                    Just these easy right.....


      In a large bowl pour milk boil well then add vinegar/lemon juice give a good stir and keep boiling till the whey and cream seperates.Take a bowl and place a strainer on it and place a muslin/thin cloth over the strainerNow pour the curdled milk over the strainer and set aside for 10-20 mins till the water drains.

Put the strained cheese in the mixer and add  cream ,curd and blend well.

Now transfer again to the cloth,close completely and tie a knot in the edge like a baggage.Hang the baggage and place a bowl under them to collect the excess whey.leave them hanging for 6-7 hrs till it leaves the excess whey completely.Now remove the cream cheese from the bag and  transfer  in an airtight container and set aside overnight or you can store in fridge.Next morning  your cream cheese is ready to use........................

blend cream,curd and creamcheese

hang for 6-7 hrs

my cream cheeese ready and stored in freezer.


  1. Thank you dear for taking the time to post the exact recepie and method.

  2. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the exact recepie and method.


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