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Wednesday 1 January 2014


                               Apple Cream  Brulee(Eggless)

                    This month Gayathri's baking eggless group has choosen my suggestion from  Sanjeev Kapoor's Cream brulee.I feel so happy and feared to try this recipe.It contains lots of eggs and it helps the brulee to set and cooks in steam.I thought of many egg replacers but the flavour should also be good.So i decided to select apple as a supplement.It tastes really good and asusual my kids love it.I have tried this recipe yesterday and set in fridge.This morning as soon as I took it out from the fridge within a minute they have finished it.

Recipe source: Sanjeev Kapoor


Cream-3/4 cup  

milk-1/4 cup 

 Apple-1 whole,chopped app.1 cup 

 sugar-4 tbsp  

 water-2 tbsp

 Agar Agar jelly melted in water-1 tbsp

  cinnamon stick-1/2 inch 

  Demerara sugar-2 tbsp


Preheat oven in 180°c

                 In a pan heat cream and milk till it heats up and cool them.Grind Apple and cinnamon  with a spoon of cream mixture to a pulp.In a pan heat water and sugar till it dissolves add apple and cinnamon mixture cook for 2 mins and cool them.When its completely cooled down mix them together and strain them.Now add Agar agar jelly mix well.pour the mixture in the ramekein mould or silicon mould.Can use any other baking mould.Pour hot water in a tray and place the mould in center.Bake them in steambath for 30 mins.Now immediately transfer it to fridge and set them for 4 hrs.remove them from fridge sprinkle demarara sugar over them.Easy way to burn them you can use cigar lighter over the sugar or In an non-stick pan caramelize sugar with 1 tsp of water and pour over the cream brulee.Another method is sprinkle sugar and heat laddle on hot plate and place them over the sugar.

before topping

cream brulee


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