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Tuesday 24 December 2013



 Yule Log

                                               This was a nightmare for me.Every day i wake up with the resolution of finishing this dish,but some fear came into my mind whether i can make it or not.But  today i have decided to try it...........becoz trial and error makes the man perfect right?

                               I have to prepare 3 days schedule to finish this dish,I started with parline feuillete and vanilla cream brulee.I have made these two and kept in freezer to freeze.When i assemble them it has to be hard enough.Then i made the chocolate mousse,in the original recipe it needed more eggs so i decided to make it vegan.i made them and kept them in fridge to set not in freezer compartment.For the daquoise cake,made simple chocolate cake to make the dish more chocolaty.And the next day i had assembled the dish in my bread tin.I don't have the log shaped tin so i assembled them in my bread tin  fully covered with silverfoil.I have done a trick to have the dome shape,I have placed some tissues in the sides of the breadtin and covered fully with silver foil.The output was really awesome i have got perfect yule log shape.

                                First you have to prepare 6 seperate recipes and assemble them.

recipe source:French Yule Log by Flore of Floril├Ęge Gourmand from Use Real Butter

1.The parline feuillete:


milk chocolate -100 gms

 Butter-25 gms  

parline-2 tbsp

Rice krispies-1/4 cup(you may get this in departmental stores if not don't worry take riceflakes(poha)-1/4 cup and dry roast them till golden brown and cool them. 

Method: Melt chocolate and butter in a non-stick pan till it melts and add parline coarsely crushed krispies mix quickly and spread in an silverfoiled tin fit inside the bread tin.cool them in freezer.

2.Vanilla creme brulee: 

 Cream-1/2 cup  

full cream milk-1/2 cup

 Egg yolks-4

 sugar-2 tbsp 

vanilla bean-1(if u don't have vanilla bean add 1/2 tsp dark vanilla essence)

Method:                                   In a pan heat cream,milk,and vanilla just heat them up and rest them to cool.Preheat oven in 180°c.Now beat eggs with sugar till pale white add in cream mixture and strain them pour in a flat baking dish.u can foil the dish before u pour mixture sothat you can remove it easily and freeze it.place them in a larger tray half filled with hot water.Bake them for 35-40 mins.You can steam them in a cooker too.remove from oven,cool them and freeze them.remove from freezer only ontime of assembling becoz it will meltdown.

3. Dark chocolate mousse:

Ingredients: Dark chocolate-60 gms(If you get you can use bitter chocolate or use 2 small pacs of bournville) 

 Milk-2 cups

  chinagrass(agar agar jelly 1/4 strip or gelatin pr-1 tbsp

  vanilla essence-1 tsp 

 water-1/2 cup  

 sugar-1/2 cup(can use half amount demerara sugar to get caramelized flavour) 

 fresh cream-1 cup 


                         Heat water and place agar agar jelly in a bowl and melt the jelly. Heat milk in a pan added with sugar and chocolate bars.melt well and add jelly mixture and set aside to cool.Beat cream and sugar till stiff peaks add the cooled chocolate mixture and set in fridge.

Eggless chocolate cake:   


 flour-1 cup 

 oil/butter-1/2 cup  

cocoa pr-2 tbsp  

demerara sugar-1/4 cup 

 baking pr-3/4 tsp  

baking soda-1/2 tsp 

 curd-1/2 cup Method: In a mixing bowl mix the wet ing.and seive the dry ing.Beat the wet mixture well and add in slowly the dry mixture and pour in a flat baking tray fit to close the log tray.Bake at 180°c for about 35 mins and cool them.

                                  Now we have come to the part of assembling them.The tray should be in the shape of semi-circle or use bread tray place tissues in the sides of the tray and cover wholely with silver foil.

The bread tin filled with tissues in their sides.

Fill half of the tray with mousse and pierce in the creambrulee and fill again with mousse then place the parline feuillete again with mousse then close them with chocolate cake.cover them with silver foil and freeze the cake for 1 day till the mousse freezes well.

The Glaze:


  gelatin-1/2 tbsp/Agar Agar jelly 1/4 strip  

cream-1/4 cup

  sugar-5 tbsp  

Hot water-1/4 cup  

cocoa pr-1/3 cup  


                                      soft gelatin or jelly with hot water.Boil the rest of the Ing. for 3 mins and add the gelatin/jelly mixture mix thoroughly and seive them.Now take the set mousse place them upside down in a stand and pour the glaze immediately and set them in freezer.  

The Ganache:

  Dark chocolate-60 gms   

Cream-30 gms 


                           Heat cream and add to the chocolate stir well and pour into the pipingbag with long strip nozzle.Do some decoration over the cake and cut into pieces.Its really an amazing cake with delicious flavours.

The parline feuillete

the cream brulee

the cream brulee frozen

the insert of cream brulee

the filling

The Glaze

The Yule log





  1. Your Yule log turned out be very nice, thanks for trying this delicious treat. I have added to linky tool and pin it.


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