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Monday 16 December 2013



  Vegan jewish challah

                                      This is also the part of Home bakers challenge by Priya Ranjit and Priya Suresh.I have made bread many times before but the texture was not perfect as this jewish bread.I have corrected all my errors and made a perfect bread for this christmas eve.

                                  I'm so happy with the results and enjoyed the bread.Here is the recipe for you friends.Just try it and enjoy it.

Recipe Source & Picture Courtesy - thesweetlifeonline.com


Yeast mixture:

Dry active yeast-21/2 tsp

 sugar-2 tsp 

water-1 cup(luke warm)*

salt-11/2 tsp   

In a bowl add lukewarm water stir in sugar and salt till it dissolves.Now sprinkle yeast over the mixture and set aside undisturbed till froth*

Corn mixture: 

Corn meal-1/2 cup 

water- 1/2 cup  

 Mix corn meal and water well and set aside.


All purpose flour-3-4 cups

 olive oil/refined oil-1/4 cup

sugar-1/4 cup


                                  Place the stand mixer with hook attachment* with bowl add olive oil to the bowl and add corn mixture and yeast mixture mix well now add in the flour one cup mix well then add another cup add upto 3-31/2 cups mix well  for 5-10 mins,the dough will appear sticky.

                                 Flour the suface and knead the dough till it rollsout well.For flouring and kneading use the remaining flour from the measurement given above.

                                 Place the dough in a greased bowl and cover with damp kitchen towel or cling film.set aside to proof for about 2 hours.Flour the surface again punch and knead the dough by folding over and over to get the right texture ie..upto non-sticky and soft.set aside again for 20-30 mins.

                                Knead again and part them into three pieces.Roll with hands till it becomes a long strip,now join one edge and make braid like we do in our hair.set aside for 20 mins till it doubles.

Preheat oven at 200°c.

Bake the braid bread for 30-35 mins according to your oven.

In addition to this i have made a chistmas tree challah especially for christmas eve........

Beautiful braid

snowman cookies and christmas tree challah


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