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Wednesday 4 December 2013


                         Sfogliatelle(lobster tail)

                        It is not an easy recipe to make it needs more patience and some experience in kneading and rolling the dough.Knead the dough without pasta machine is a bit tough but i managed to do that.It is difficult and hard to handle. 
                          I made it vegetarian,I haven't  used eggs in the filling.This recipe is the daring bakers challenge by the host  Sandie .I really amazed that  the finished product cameout really well.I don't even believe in my eyes.I gave a big applause to myself  ha ha haa......yeahhhhh.... i can make sfogliatelle with pasta machine wow.........
                           Do try  friends, you will also enjoy making this like me.Frankly speaking i haven't got it sooo perfect.If you have the perfect mail me with the pics.I'll be so happy to hear from you friends.


semolina-ricotta filling:

milk(200 ml)- 1 cup

 granulated sugar-1/2 cup(115 gms) 

semolina-2/3 cup

 ricotta-11/2 cups

 cream-2 tbsp 

milk-2 tbsp 

vannila essence- 2 tsp

 milk chocolate-50 gms

 orange marmalade-1 tbsp

 lemon zest-1 tbsp


Heat milk and sugar in a pan stir till the sugar dissolves and the milk  heats up,add in semolina and whisk well till it boils and become thick.Pour in a tray and cool them.Cut into pieces and add in a blender add remaining ingredients and blend well till it becomes creamy and  thick.Can adjust with milk to get the consistency and store in fridge.


If you wish to use riccotta cheese you can make it at home itself .This is nothing but like the homemade cottage cheese(panner in india).I have avoided egg yolks,candied orange peel and ground cinnamon from the original recipe and used cream,milk,orange marmalade and chocolate.mmm its taste soo good as i have been expected.

Here comes the main part,the making of sfogliatelle ricci:


flour- 3 cups  

salt- 6 gms 

warm water-3/4 cup 

vanaspathi-115 gms 

 butter(softened)-115 gms


        1.Combine flour and salt in a hand mixer with paddle hook attachment.Mix the dough well with water till it combines well and make a smooth dough.The dough would become smooth if you use the hand mixer otherwise you have to knead it with hands and use the pasta machine till it combines and form the thick dough.Keep in refridgerator for 2 hrs to 5 hrs.

      2.Beat vanaspathi and butter together till fluffy.Can use them in liquid form.

     3.Remove the dough from fridge and cut into 4 pieces.Work with one by one roll them till a thin layer of dough is formed.

     4.On  the other side you must see your hands the dough should be that much thin.elaborate the sides with your hands Beware it must not tear.Do it slowly and coat well with beaten butter mixture and roll tight like a cigar.

    5.Keep aside and do it again with another piece of the dough and coat the butter mixture all over and place the rolled dough on this sheet and roll tight again.Do the same with all pieces of dough and make the roll like a big cigar.

     6.Trim off the edges and  cover well with plastic wrap and store it in fridge.

    7.Remove from fridge and place them aside till it reaches the room temperature.

  8. Cut them into 1" thick slices and press with thumb aand make like a cone shaped bag.fill in semolina  mixture and close the edges.

       Preheat oven to 200 degrees

  9. Arrange the cones in a baking tray and bake them for 20-25 mins.

Sprinkle sugar pr and serve hot.

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