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Sunday 15 December 2013


  American snowman cookies

                              These cookies are awesome and interesting to make.I enjoyed doing this and i like to thank Priya Ranjit of www.cooklikepriya.com from  HBC ( home-bakers-challenge)  for giving us these amazing recipes.

                           The dough mixture is very simple and easy,but creativity is needed to convert the dough into a snowman.The result is awesome,tasty cookies i have got.

Recipe Source & image courtesy - Tasteofhome.com


Butter-1 cup,softened

powdered  sugar-1/2 cup+1 tbsp

 water-1 tsp   

 almond essence-1/4 tsp

 flour-21/2 cups

 baking powder-1 tsp

red and green colour 

coloured gimmies(coloured sugar balls)


              Preheat oven to 180 ͦ c      

           1.  In a bowl add butter beat well and add sugar pr beat till creamy and light.

         2. Add water,almond essence mix well and mix in flour to make a soft dough.

        3.Divide the dough in three quaters.Take one part of the dough and divide them into two              parts,add red colour to one part and green to another mix well till the dough gets coloured.Keep them in fridge for just 5-10 mins,take it out.

        4.Roll the dough into a ball and flatten them this is its body.

         5.Then take some dough and roll smaller ball than the first one and attach to the flattened roll as head.

       6.Take some dough from coloured one and roll out and make a hat for the snowman and fix it in its head.

    7.Now the time to make the scarf take small pieces from each dough roll like a long strip and twist them,attach them to his neck.

 8.Now give him eyes,mouth and buttons as you wish.Arrange them seperately in a bakingsheet carefully.

 Bake them for 15-20 mins cool them and remove from the sheet.


     Attach them close so that it can't be seperated after baking.

   Arrange the cookies with the help of a spatulaRemove from bakingsheet when they cool completely.

                                      Roll the balls small one and big one and flatten them

Attach the head and hat to the body

place them on the baking tray

                                               pierce the gimmies for eyes,mouth and buttons

Roll the coloured dough into a long strip

twist them like a scarf

Attach them on the snowman now he is complete.



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