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Sunday 12 January 2014



   Cabbage mayonnaise

                                                          Mayonnaise is the delicious binding agent for salads.It can be used for layering toated breads too.There are many kinds of mayo available in markets with and without eggs.I tried mayo with white cabbage,this is the healthiest version and low calorie food.Its delicious and interesting recipe.Now you can have this topping in your sandwich without any fear of calories.........


cabbage pulp-5 tbsp(white part of cabbage-1 cup,boiled and grind with 1 tbsp cream) 

  yellow mustard-1 tsp 

 olive oil-7-8 tbsp  

salt to taste 

white pepper powder-1/2 tsp 

 sugar-1 tsp   

lemon juice-2 tbsp


               To whisk them you can use hand blender with paddle attachment or can use mixer grinder.Whisk cream and sugar well then add remaining ingredients except oil whisk them well till it thickens then gradually add olive oil and whisk well.You have to add oil drop by drop if you are using mixer then pour oil through small open on top.whisk till it thickens and reaches the mayonnaise consistency store them in an air tight container in fridge.Have a healthy eating.........................

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