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Sunday 29 March 2015



It is originated from french cusine and actually made of apples.This recipe is very much different from other recipes becoz it is an upside-down cake but bake upside down.......What ??? still don't understand? We make a filling and a tart sheet seperately and place the filling on the tart and bake but this cake is upside dowm. We are going to bake this tart with tart sheet on top. Lets go inside the recipe I hope you can understand after going through the recipe.This wonderful recipe is suggested by korena from  Korena in the Kitchen  for Daring bakers cook challenge.

  Rough puff pastry


Maida- 1 cup 

  salt- 1/4 tsp 

Cold butter-2/3 cup 

 Chilled water- 1/4 cups


Combine maida,salt mix well add in cold butter and crush the crumbles to make a mixture add in cold water and knead the dough. Dust the surface and roll the dough into straight sheet then fold into three halves like puff pastry sheet. Cover with cling film and place in refrigerator for 20 mins. Now redo the process like kneading and folding for 3-4 times and then cool again for 20 mins. You can repeat the process for 4-5 turns and cool the sheets till bake.


Now its the time to make the filling there was a sweet filling in the original recipe.I made a difference of making this dish sweet to savoury. The filling I made was with caremelized onions with potatoes and a little bit Indian version...........


Onion - 1,sliced 

 Potatoes-1,big boiled halfway and cut into wedges 

 Redchilly powder-1 tsp 

 Tomato ketchup- 1 tbsp 

 Oil- 1 tsp

  Salt to taste 

 sugar- 1 tbsp


In a pan add oil and onions saute till brown add in sugar and stir well.Add potato wedges saute well add red chilly powder,tomato ketchup,salt to taste toss well as the potatoes should not break.

Now grease a baking dish and arrange the filling evenly on the dish. remove the rough puff pastry sheet from fridge and roll them thick. Cut them in as the sheet fits inside the dish to cover the filling.

Preheat oven in 180°c

Now place the rough puff pastry sheet over the filling and bake at 180°c for 30-35 mins.Now upside down the tart and serve with sauce............


  1. Love your potato version - thanks for baking along this month!

    (PS - Daring Bakers Challenges are meant to be posted on the 27th of the month - that way the challenge recipe stays a secret outside the group and it's a big "reveal" when everyone posts on their blogs on the 27th :) )

    1. Hi Korena! I know the rules of Daring bakers but I've read that the posts before march 27th is only eligible for a cook book giveaway.So I've posted it.....I'll change the date........

  2. Your savory Tarte Tatin looks delicious and thank you for allowing me to learn something new!
    Congrats on also completing the challenge this month too!

    1. Thank u Joanne and I'm happy to join u dr.........

  3. Great idea for the potatoes. The tarte looks amazing!!

    1. Thank you evelyn. Its delicious too............

  4. i have never tried any tarte yet... im gonna try this.. i will let you know


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