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Wednesday 8 April 2015


Nutty strawberry brownie eggless

This is an another brownie recipe on my blog which I just don't want to repeat the recipes.So I comeup with some changes in the recipe by adding strawberries and dark chocolate. This is an awesome tasted  cake becoz of using chocolates instead of cocoa.

Try this freaky cake and submerge yourself in the divine taste of chocolates and strawberries.I convert this cake into eggless for gayathri's bakingeggless group...........

prep time: 10 mins 

 Baking time:30-35 mins  

recipe source: joythebaker


Flour- 11/2 cup  

 Dark chocolate or choco chip- 3/4 cup 

 Butter- 1 stick/1/2 cup

  Cocoa powder-2 tbsp

  Milk-1/2 cup

 Curd-1/2 cup

 Van.essence-1 tsp 

 Salt-1/2 tsp  

Baking soda-1/4 tsp 

Baking powder- 1/4 tsp 

 Strawberries-1/2 cup,chopped 

Nuts-3/4 cup 


In a microwave safe bowl add dark chocolate/choco chips and butter for 30-40 secs till it melts mix in cocoa powder and keep aside to cool. 

In a bowl add the chocolate mixture,milk,curd,vanila essence beat well till combined. 

Preheat at 180°c

Sift flour,baking soda,baking powder,salt and add into the mixture in 3 additions mix well and stir  in strawberries and sprinkle nuts on top and bake @ 180°c for 35-40 mins. 


Chocolate should be in room temp.Be careful while melting the chocolates becoz it can get burnt quickly.You can use chopped strawberries or pulp.If using pulp just lesser the amount of milk and  measure.

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