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Friday 6 June 2014


                                          MANGO MINT SLUSH

Mango is the king of fruits........We can have mangoes in anyform with anything.If the mango season comes we'll have raw mangoes cut and salted  with rice dishes.My dad will eat even ripen mangoes with rice.We make chutneys,halwa,pickles etc....In ripen mangoes we can make smoothie,slush,mousse,icecream anything you want to...............

So I decided to give mango as one of the 5 ingredients for our challenge for the month of may.To make them healthier I added carrots,mint,sugar and milk with ripen mangoes to make a drink.......

In this recipe I have added only one ingredient more to make the drink more yummier............You can drink this slush with straw or have it with spoon that's your choice :P


Ripen mango-1 cup   


Mint-3-4 leaves   

sugar-1/2 cup  

milk-1 cup,boiled and cooled   

Orange juice-3/4 cup


                Combine mangoes,carrots,mint,sugar ,milk and half of the orange juice and blend well.When you blend the carrots may not crush wholely it may leave some tiny bits do not bother becoz it will be tasty and crunchy will you drink the slush.

Pour the drink in a freezer safe bowl or ice cubes tray and freeze them for about 6 hrs.Becoz  of its thickness It'll freeze slowly......Now scrap down the slush with fork and fill three-forth in glass Tumblers ,You can eat the slush with spoon or Pour the remaining orange juice evenly on the slush and enjoy as a drink ............


             Cool the remaining orange juice for second use.

             No need to add sugar in orange juice.
Blend the juice

Scrap the frozen slush

Enjoy them in short glasses

yummy slush topped with mint and uncrushed carrots

Enjoy the drink/slush

Drink them blend with orange juice


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