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Saturday 14 June 2014



       Arabic dates and honey cake

Countries have their own gourmet special recipes with what they can produce in their country.But if you noticed the recipe it will be related to any other country  in some other way starting from snacks to desserts and drinks.......

 We are quite familiar with many of the cake recipes from different parts of the world.This Arabic cake is filled with nuts and dates. This is a unique cake with two layers a cake and a caramelized butter and nuts on top......Try this delicious one.....!!!!!

Thanks to Rafeeda.R for this wonderful  cake through HBC.

Author: The Wanderlust Kitchen


For cake:

Salted Butter-1/3 cup   


Brown sugar-1/4 cup  

White sugar-1/4 cup(if you don't get brown sugar use white sugar as whole)  

 Vanilla essence-1/2 tsp  

 Baking powder-1/2 tsp  

 Flour-1/2 cup to 3/4 cup  

For Topping:


Butter-1/2 cup  

White sugar-1/4 cup 

Brown sugar-1/4 cup  

Honey-1/3 cup 

Sliced almonds-1/2 cup  

Cinnamon powder-1/2 tsp

Pitted dates-8to10


Pre heat oven to 180°c

Beat eggs, powdered sugar and vanilla till it turns white. Drizzle the melted butter and beat continuously till it mixes well. Sift the flour and baking powder and add in slowly to the mixture without any lumps. pour the batter in a greased tray and bake it for 15 - 18 mins.

In a pan melt butter and sugar until it dissolves. Add in honey, almonds, pitted dates and cinnamon powder. Boil well for 5 - 7 mins and pour over the baked cake and place it again in the oven for another 15 mins.

Cool the cake and serve with coffee.....!!!!


  • Use spring form tin to bake the cake for not placing the cake upside down.
  • After baking the cake remove the butter that floats over the cake, if any.


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