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Saturday 19 April 2014


                                Zebra cake

        Cakes.......................Tell me who doesn't want cakes?Upto my knowledge everybody loves cakes egg or eggless................

No one will hate eating cakes even vegetarians loves cakes.The colorful cakes...no other arguements.....

This Zebra cake is one of that kind  its colorful and yummy....Enjoy my treat given by pallavi through Home bakers challenge by priya.




Flour-2 1/4 cups  

sugar-11/2 cups 

 baking powder-1 tsp  

baking soda-1 tsp 

 lemon juice-1 tsp  

salt-a pinch 

 milk-1/2 cup 

 oil/butter-1/2 cup(the texture will differ for oil and butter)  

vanilla essence 

warm water-3/4 cup(its enough in original recipe they use 11/4 cup but it'll be too watery)  

 any one color-a pinch I used pink my fav :)      

          Beat wet ingredients and sift the dry ingredients and mix together without any lumps.Half them and add color to one half.

            Preheat oven to 180°c.

        In a greased baking pan pour white mixture in a round then add pink mixture inside can pour according to the texture effect you needed.Bake at 180°c for 45 mins and cool completely.May be for one night.


whipped cream-1 cup

 icing sugar-1 tbsp

cream cheese-1/4 cup 

            Beat cream and icing sugar till peaks form add in cream cheese and whisk well.store in fridge and use.


whipped cream-1 cup   

nutella- 2 tbsp  

cocoa powder-1 tsp  can add instant coffee powder-1/2 tsp to enhance mocha flavour  

icing sugar-2 tbsp  

           Whisk cream and icing sugar till peaks form add in other ing.whisk well freeze and use(I used melted version)

To decorate:

color sprinkles,color gimmies,chocolate shavings.......


               Slit the cake into half,In one half spread the cream and close with another half then pour/pipe the frosting and decorate with sprinkles,gimmies and chocolate shavings and enjoyyyyyy the delicious cake...................


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