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Monday 7 April 2014



                               Mawa gujiya with carrot Halwa

                                    This is my recipe for SNC challenge by  Santosh Bangar from santhosh's kitchen.She has give this recipe to challenge our south team.I'm so happy to present my recipe to her challenge.It is a delicious evening snack to enjoy with your family.

                    In original recipe the filing was made from Mawa and coconut but i've twisted the recipe by filling Delicious carrot halwa inside it.Yummy and delicious Gujiyas i've got............


Carrots grated-1 cup   

sugar-1 cup 

 Ghee-1/4 cup 

 nuts-1 tbsp 

Milk-11/2 cups 

salt a pinch(to enhance the sugary flavour)   

Mawa/condensed milk-1/4 cup


                       In a pan add half of ghee and grated carrots saute well till the raw smell disappears.Now add in milk and cook till the carrots cooks well and reaches mashy consistency.Add in sugar and mawa saute well when blends and rolls like a ball add leftover ghee and nuts mix well and remove from fire.

Gujiya dough:

Maida- 1 cup  

 cornflour-1 tbsp  

 salt a pinch

 powdered  sugar-1 tsp

               Mix all together add water and knead to make a soft dough.


        Take out a lemon sized  dough and roll them round.Fill in the carrot halwa in centre and fold into half.Now pierce them with fork on sides to seal them or you can use gujiya mould to make perfect gujiyas and fry in oil to golden brown.Now enjoy the hot gujiyas with juice............

Yummy carrot Halwa

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