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Wednesday 12 February 2014



 caramelized pear with cream and nuts parline

                               This is my first recipe post for my 5ingredient fix challenge. When i planned to start this challenge I feared a lot but I've got good response from my friends and my fellow bloggers.I thank all of them who supported me and guided me to do this challenge.I'm so exciting to see my friends recipies,who have joined this challenge.

                        I thought in this month of love we can start with sweet dish to impress our loved ones.My kids don't like to eat pears that much,So I think of making it delicious so that they can't resist to eat it.It really happened yesterday they ate all of them without any argument and gave me a kiss for the lovely dish from my loved ones.

5 ingredients for february challenge

                          Here is that wonderful recipe try this and make your loved ones happy...........................


Pear-3,peeled and deseeded 

  brown sugar-1/3 cup

   water-2 tbsp  

 butter-1 tbsp 

 cinnamon stick-1/4 inch

whipped cream-2 tbsp  

For parline:

walnuts-1/4 cup

 sugar-1/4 + 3 tbsp  

To decorate:  



               Heat sugar with 1 tbsp water till it turns its color add crushed walnut and mix well to coat.pour them in a baking sheet or tray and allow them to cool.When cooled crush them in blender coarsely and store.You can store them in fridge for upto 6 months. 

To caramelise pear:

           Heat a non-stick pan add Butter to melt add brown sugar,water and cinnamon stick cook till sugar melts then place the pear upside down,Close lid and cook for 5 mins then flip them and cook for another 5 mins.Pour the sauce over the pear to coat well,close lid and cook for another 15 mins till the pear softens and cool them .

To assemble:

               In a plate place cooked pear and pour the sauce over them.Squeeze the whipped cream over the pear and sprinkle nuts parline and decorate with cherries.Now enjoy the treat.........................



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