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Sunday 11 October 2015


Banana toffee

Toffee is a candy made with caramelized sugar, It will get crackling on our mouth and melt down. Toffee made with bananas mmm yumm.... Kids will love to eat them. Its a yummy dessert can have with icecreams. 

Banana is rich in pectin it enhances digestion. It prevents kidney cancer, eye diseases, constipation. It controls blood sugar level and helps to cool body temperature. Even the banana peel also helps to prevent itching due to bug bites.

Banana toffee is the classic chinese dessert, soft and chewy inside and nutty and crunchy outside. Its delicious and a must try recipe.............



Banana- 2, sliced  

 flour- 1/4 cup

 salt a pinch  

Oil for frying


In a bowl add flour, salt mix well with water to make a thick batter. Heat oil and dip banana slices in the batter and fry them in medium heat till golden brown and set aside.


sugar- 3/4 cup  

sesame seeds for garnishing 

A bowl of  ice cubes in water

In a non stick pan add sugar and melt till it caramelizes and turns golden brown. Now dip the banana in caramel,coat all over and immediately put them in ice water bowl. Remove from water and sprinkle sesame seeds over them and serve the crispy banana toffee with or without icecream......................

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  1. I have a great sweet tooth and this would satisfy it immensely :-)

  2. This is a new one for me. Sounds delicious

  3. Surely a new one for me..will try it sometime!

    1. Thank you srivalli...ya try this its yummy.........

  4. never had this but sounds so food - love bananas so I am sure it's a winner recipe

  5. Delicious banana toffee, feel like grabbing some and having rite now.

  6. That's a yummy and simple banana recipe!


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