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Friday 29 August 2014


Chicken and Egg puff

Puff the name itself tells us.......It is puffed up,fluffy and flacky.It is the basic thing to make with various stuffings.A vegetarian,Non-vegetarian or even sweet.It is so crispy and flaky by the way it is prepared.Needs more attention and patience to make this pastry.I tried it for 3 or more times but got it right only now.........

If we try it with patience and creative mind we get a good outcome.The needed ingredients are so simple,It can be tried by everyone who loves to make different dishes.Make the puff dough and its rolling on oneday and the filling and baking on other day.It will give you more time to make it prefect.I like to thank Swathi from zesty kitchen and sangeetha priya......


Maida-200 gms  

 butter-200 gms 

  salt-1/2 tsp 

 Ice cold water-1/4 cup (adjust to consistency of the dough)


Place butter in a plate with butter paper shape them to a rectangle,you can shape them when they are soft.cover them and place in fridge for 20-30 mins till firm.

 In a bowl add maida,salt and add cold water,knead a firm dough.Knead well till it becomes soft and pliable.Wrap it with a cling film and keep in fridge for 20 mins.

Now remove butter from fridge and place them outside for 10 mins.Knead the dough dusting with  maida flour into a rectangle.The dough should be bigger than the rectangled butter.

Place butter in center of the dough,close the sides well.Butter should be covered well with the dough.Dust them and roll into a long rectangle.Shape three times bigger and fold one edge into the centre and then cover with other edge.The fold should be three layers.Then turn the dough and knead again to a long rectangle.Don't worry when the butter comes out.Just dust them and roll.Fold again in three quaters and roll again.Do it for 3 times wrap them with clingfilm and place them in fridge for 20 mins.Now again remove from fridge dust them roll and fold then dust roll and fold for 3 times and cover,,refrigerate again for 20 mins.Repeat the process for 3-4 times and cover them well and refrigerate till use.......................

Chicken and egg puff

You can fill any kind of filling in the puff.A vegetarian,Non-vegetarian or even sweet..........


chicken-Minced-1 cup   

ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp  

Onion-1,Big sliced


 Red chilly powder-1/2 tsp   

  spice powder-1/4 tsp 

salt to taste  

Oil-2 tsp  

Hard boiled Egg-2,cut into cubes   


In a pan add  oil heat a while add onion fry well add ginger-garlic paste saute till the smell evaporates.Add chicken pieces fry well add in tomatoes,redchilly powder,spice powder and  salt cook well till dry and cool.

Remove puff pastry from fridge place aside to reach room temp.roll thin cut into desired shape and fill in the stuffing mixture and egg on one side and fold them close  completely.

Preheat oven to 200°c.

Arrange the filled puffs in a greased tray,coat well with beaten egg and bake them for 10-12 mins.Serve hot.............

I made the filling with jam also and rolled like a toffee.We can make the puf in different shapes.....

fold butter with dough

Roll them in rectangular shape.....

chicken and Egg stuffed pastry

Jam filled toffee pastry

I made this twiters with excess dough sprinkled rechilly powder and dry thyme

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