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Tuesday 19 August 2014


Cheesy cheese balls

cheese.........kids love it a lot.....!!!!! These cheese balls are soo cheesy filled with yummy cheese and chewy mozarella inside.Cheese is nutritious with calcium,protein and phosphorous.It is good for gums,heart diseases etc,......

It is a yummy dish with some spice and chewy mozarellla inside.I made this for my 5 ingredient fix challenge.This time I haven't gave any ingredients specifically but have to make a fry or fritter use with only 5 ingredients.As usual the plate became empty when these fries are out of oil...............


Cottage cheese(paneer)-1 cup 

 green chilly-3 nos  

Coriender leaves-1/4 cup  

Mozarella cheese-1/2 cup(cut into small cubes) Keep in fridge till use

Bread crumbs

Salt to taste 

Oil to fry


Grind green chillies and coriender leaves to a fine paste.In a bowl crumble cottage cheese(paneer) add ground spice and salt mash well.Make small balls and press with thumb in middle just stuff a mozarella cube inside and close them roll tight balls.In a plate spread bread crumbs and heat oil in a pan.Roll the balls in bread crumbs coat all sides completely and fry them at low heat.


  • Be careful while stuffing mozarella cubes,close fully with paneer mix.
  • If the oil is not much hot,the cheese stuffed inside may pop out.

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