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Saturday 16 August 2014


Gavichi kheer

This kheer is the authentic recipe from maharastra.All over India people make this kind of sweet dish in many names kheer,payasam,pradaman etc....Wheat is a good fibre and very good for health.The original recipe contains wheat germs soak them in water whole night,grind them and use....It's a long process I've done a cheating work by using bulgar(broken wheat).

It is as healthy as whole wheat germ and easy to cook.To make the kheer thick use rawrice soaked in water and grind to a fine paste.you can use rice flour simply.And  when we comes to jaggery you all know ,It contains Iron,calcium etc.........But beware It may contain mud so make a syrup,strain and use...On the whole this Kheer isa healthy and nutritious one............Lets see the recipe now.......

mmmm.........one more thing I made this recipe for south vs north challenge on fb by Divya pramil suggested by Manjula kanted .Hosted by Manjula, Unfortunately this is the last month of this challenge............

Gavichi kheer


Broken wheat-1 cup   

Rice flour-2 tbsp 

Jaggery-3/4 cup

 water-3/4 cup  

coconut milk-1/2 cup 

 Ghee-4 tbsp  

nuts-2 tbsp

cardamom powder- a pinch 

saffron-2 strands

 a pinch of salt to enhance the taste(optional)


  • Soak broken wheat in water for 20 mins.Don't use water from the above measurement.Use water enough to soak bulgar completely.

  • In a heavy bottomed pan add jaggery and given water boil till jaggery dissolves and makes a fine syrup,strain and set aside.
  • In another pan add ghee and nuts brown them and remove from ghee.In ghee add soaked bulgar, you can notice that the bulgar has absorbed all the water.fry a little add some water to boil them well.Add coconut milk and rice flour stir them without any lumps.Now add jaggery syrup,fried nuts,cardamom powder,salt,saffron strands boil for just 5 mins and serve hot yummy kheer........!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. gavachi kheer looks yummy aks

  2. very tempting kheer dear :) looks yumm !! thanksfor try and linking !! I wud appreciate if give proper link backs and credits to my blog ..


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