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Friday 21 March 2014


                                      whoopie pie

                                       We make biscuits,cakes and pies using chocolate but this recipe is the combination of all.It is round like buscuit soft like a cake named as pie,isn't it amazing?I followed the exact recipe given by  Siri Nuggehalli for home bakers challenge.

                                              It has an excellent taste and the softnes melts in mouth.I made this pie for my younger daughter's birthday.It was the main attraction among kids on that day.Elders also enjoyed it a lot...........

Recipe source: joy of baking


  Flour-21/2 cups

   cocoa powder-1/4 cup

   baking powder-1/2 tsp 

baking soda-1/2 tsp 

 salt-1/4 tsp  

 sugar-1 cup 

butter-3/4 cup


 butter milk-3/4 cup     

  vanilla extract-1 tsp   

Red food colouring-a pinch(I used a pinch in original recipe it specified as 1 tbsp)

Cream cheese filling:

Whipped cream-1 cup  

cream cheese-1/3 cup 

 vanilla essence-few drops


             Preheat oven to 190°c

In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients and seive them to combine.

In another bowl add butter and sugar beat well till creamy and soft.Add in egg beat well and add butter milk,vanilla extract and color combine well and fold in the dry mixture without any lumps and air bubbles.Grease the baking tray and scoop the mixture to make a shape on the tray and make perfect sandwiches.Place them in tray 2 inches apart.Bake them at 190°c for 10-12 mins(according to your oven).When baked cool them on a wirerack.

Beat in cream cheese,whipped cream and vanilla essence and pour them into a pipping bag.Now take one pie pipout some filling in centre and close with another pie.That makes a perfect sandwich.Can dip this sandwich pie in the chocolate mixture to add more flavour..Now enjoy the divine Whoopie pies...............





  1. Whoopie pie looks very delightful dear ..definitely kids will love this !!


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