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Thursday 13 March 2014



Pumpkin and lentil green soup

This is my recipe for our 5 INGREDIENT FIX CHALLENGE.I've given 5 healthy ingredients this time to make a healthy soup.The 5 ingredients are:

             I know these ing. can be converted into a soup but doubted whether it'll be delicious or not?I made it with red pumpkin,amaranthus tritis ha ha ha..... don't afraid of this name its our arai keerai(green leafy vegetable),Homemade veg stock,olive oil and masoor dal.

             The soup was soooo yummy and delicious.I had fun in making this soup.My family members loved this soup.


Red pumpkin(cubed)-1 cup  

 Arai keerai-1/4 cup  

Homemade stock-2 cups  

masoor dal-2 tbsp 

 galic-2 pods

  onion-1/4 cup  

cumin seeds-1 tsp 

 pepper corns-1 tbsp  

olive oil-1tbsp 

cream 1 tbsp 

salt to taste

 pepper powder-needed


               In a pan add olive oil when its slightly heats up add garlic,onion saute a little add pumpkin toss well add cumin seeds,masoor dal and pepper corns.Now add in vegetable stock,salt add 2 more cups of water boil till the pumpkin mashes and dal cooks well and cool them..

           In another pan add water and salt boil well switch off the stove add in araikeerai for 5 mins and strain them now add to the pumpkin mixture grind to a fine puree.Now pour in the same pan and heat again for a while can adjust the soup consistency with water add salt to taste sprinkle pepper powder and decorate with cream and serve hot..........

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