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Wednesday 19 March 2014


                                        Saltine crackers with salsa dip

                      Once again I blogpost for Swathi Iyer's Baking partners challenge.We've done lots of cookies recipes so this time she came with saltine crackers and graham crackers.Really awesome recipes,I thought of trying graham crackers but tried saltine crackers.It tasted soo good and can be served to diabetic patients too.I'll definetly try Graham crackers too and post it soon.


Maida-3/4 cup  

salt and baking powder a pinch   

vinegar-2-3 drops

  sugar-1/2 tsp

  warm water-1/4 cup

   yeast-11/2 tsp  

water-3 tbsp

 butter-1 tbsp

 oil-1 tbsp(I used 2 tbsps of oil to avoid butter) 


 salt-1 tsp 

 Italian mixed herbs-1 tbsp  

cheddar cheese-2 tbsp


             Boil water till warm add salt and sugar stir to dissolve.Sprinkle yeast over it and leave to prove. Add oil,vinegar mix well and add in the dry ingredients mix well to make a sticky dough.cover the dough with clingfilm and place in the refrigerator overnight.   Next day bring them to room temp. and roll them flat (have to use lots of flour to knead the dough) fold them like an envelope and roll thin rectangle.cut them into 5*5 size with the help of the ruler and sprinkle topping over it and press gently.Preheat oven to 200°c and bake them for 10-12 mins.

for salsa:

onion-1 big,chopped   

tomato-1/2,deseeded and chopped   

yellow capsicum-1/4,chopped  

Italian seasoning-a pinch 

salt and pepper to taste 

       Mix all the above and serve with yummy saltine crackers.



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