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Tuesday 16 December 2014


Carrot Icecream

Ice cream using carrots is it possible? This is the question arises in everyones mind when I say this...But nothing is impossile when we try hard and whole heartedly,this is my strong belief.

This is my challenge for shh secretly challenge from Vimitha Anand.When she suggested carrots and walnuts for me,my mind went blank and confused Which dish I have to prepare?Carrot halwa,carrot stuffed chappathi........I thought over and over again and suddenly a flash came into my mind.......Why not make an Icecream with Carrots and Walnuts..!!!!!!!!

This is a simple recipe with some techniques I used to make a soft and tasty Icecream without any Icecream powders and an Icecream maker.Using Carrots and Walnuts will make you stay away from deficiencies like memory loss,hair loss,cholestrol,obesity etc....Becoz carrots have beta-carotine and walnuts have vitamins A,C,E.

Icecream is an universal word loveable to all ages ,Becoz.......................


Full cream milk-1 cup  

 Carrots,chopped-11/2 cups

   Sugar-21/4 cups  

Milk powder-2 tbsp 

Fresh cream-1/2 cup  

Walnuts-2 tbsp 

 Sugar-1/4 cup 

 Water-2 tbsp  

Carrot peels-to decorate

Preparation time:20 mins   

Setting time:4 hrs in fridge

Serves:5-6 persons  



In a deep-bottomed pan heat milk to boil add carrots and cook till done add in 21/2 cups sugar and stir well.When it dissolves remove from fire and cool them.

Add milk powder to the cooled mixture and beat well in a mixer.

Refrigerate Fresh cream to chill and beat till it thickens and add the mixture and beat well.

Pour the cream mixture into an aluminium tray or in a food grade plastic box and cover tightly then place in freezer for 4 hrs or until it sets.No need to beat again.


In a heavy nonstick pan add sugar to caremalize add water stir well into thick consistency add crushed walnuts mix well and pour into a heatproof bowl.When cooled break into pieces and sprinkle over icecream.you can mix in the powdered parline into the icecream mixture and set.

You can try this recipe with any kind of vegetable or fruit according to your creativity.


  1. making ice cream with carrots... so clever. No wonder it was so difficult to guess the ingredient.

  2. Carrots in an ice-cream?? very innovative!! A must try..


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