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Sunday 9 November 2014


Watermelon cake

Don't panic on hearing the name WATERMELON CAKE..........A cakeeeeee made of watermelonn what????????This is the question my daughter's asked.......But yes it is........Last month Swathi Iyer from baking partners suggested us to make a strawberry cake,At that time strawberry was not available in my location.I got confused and thought of anyother fruits to make this cake.Suddenly Watermelon came into my mind and why not try this...................

Believe it,It came out very well soft,spongy and yummy............I followed the same recipe suggested by Swathi and swap the fruit into watermelon...........Got awesome results and the cake vanished at the moment...........

Recipe source:americastestkitchen

Watermelon cake


watermelon-1,whole,deseed and cut into cubes   

APF flour-1 cup+2 tbsp   

for APF=1cup flour+1 tbsp flour+1 tbsp corn flour  

 baking powder-2 tsp  

salt-1/2 tsp 

 sugar-3/4 cup+1 tbsp 

  Butter-6 tbsp 


watermelon puree-1/4 cup 

Milk-1/4 cup

 vanilla essence-1 tsp 

fresh watermelon juice-1 tsp


In a bowl add watermelon pieces and 1 tbsp sugar boil well.When cooked remove from fire and blend to puree.Strain and reserve.

In a bowl add watermelon puree and milk combine well add van.ess,fresh water melon juice,sugar and butter beat well.Beat in eggs,sift dry ing. add to the mixture.Combine all ing's well.you can add food color at this stage but I haven't used it.

Pre heat oven to 180°c

Pour the batter 3/4th in a greased baking tray.Bake them at 180°c for abt 40 mins.First you start with 30mins then insrease the time according to your oven.Mine is kept for 40 mins and its perfect.When baked remove from oven and cool completely.You can cover the cake with cling film and store it in fridge overnight to do icing.you can reserve it for a week too and use when needed.


Butter,softened-1 cup

  Icing sugar-4 cups 

 salt-a pinch  

 van.essence-1 tsp 

 watermelon puree-1 tbsp(optional)

Beat butter well till creamy add in sifted Icing sugar and beat well add salt,van.essence till thick and creamy.Reserve some cream and add watermelon puree to the remaining cream.

Decorating the cake:

Remove the cake from fridge and cool them to room temperature.Cut into half  coat the watermelon cream on one half and place the other.Now do the Icing in your desired way to the cake with plain cream and serve this yummy,moist,soft watermelon cake.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow wonderful cake...
    really innovative hats off to u lakshmi

  2. Looks delicious love the idea of using watermelon in it.

  3. Wow wow... Innovative and interesting cake sis :)

  4. Can't Evan imagine the watery fruit in a good delicious cake l, u rocked akka


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