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Saturday 15 November 2014


Oats and honey pancake

Pancakes are nothing but cakes we do in a pan .Its more like oothappam in South India. This pancake is a mixture of oats and honey and less sugar..You can use full amount of honey and avoid sugar, can use jaggery also….Instead of flour, you can use whole wheat flour….So It’ll be more and more healthy………..I made this pancake for shh cooking secretly challenge made by mayuri patel,my partner this time who gave me oats and honey.............


Oats-2 tbsp
Maida-1 cup  
Butter-1 tbsp
  powdered sugar-2 tbsp  
  Baking powder-1/2 tsp  
  Badam,chopped-1/2 cup



                                      In a bowl add softened butter and powdered sugar beat well till foamy. Break in egg and beat till combined well. Add in honey, oats and baking powder beat well.Fold in maida mix well and rest them for about 10 mins.Meanwhile heat the pan with some butter and pour the batter and spread slightly.Sprinkle chopped badam on top,Do on both sides and serve with maple syrup or honey...........................


  1. G'day! I hope your health is on the road to recovery!
    Your pancakes look very yummy!
    Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List

    1. yes Joanne my health s good now....thank u...Try these s its yummy...

  2. Honey and oats are perfect pairs for pancakes
    nice one

  3. Healthy and tasty pancake love the soft texture.

  4. Can have this pancakes happily for my daily breakfast..delicious..


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