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Monday 15 February 2016


Chef Raj Mohan - #cookingmarathoneventEmoticon

Cooking is a hobby for some people, It may be a passion for some, and a profession for few........but for chef Rajmohan is more passionate about his proffession which made him to take his cooking to the next level. He has attempted an historical event which made the world to turn around. The main motto of his attempt is to promote SouthIndian cusine all over the world. 

Chef has started his longest solo cooking marathon event on 19,dec 2015 at 7 am with his parent's blessings and continued his journey of solo cooking marathon until 21, dec 2015 at 7 am .Haa continuous  48 hours....he has never givenup his spirit at any cost. Chef has completed his 2/3 of recipes to beat the record in 28 hrs. The spectators, friends and family has given him a standing ovation to praise his spirit and enthusiasm. He has finished 100 dishes in 3 hrs...just imagine haaa..... and in 29 hours he has crossed over 800 dishes. Every 2 minutes he has came up with a new dish. The selection team are calculating the number of dishes, the weight of the dish and the name of the dish which are the criteria for the eligiblity of the Guiness book of records......... Chef has prepared  delicious dishes to the crowd gathered there including me but he had intake only liquid foods like Wheat porridge, Fresh fruits, juices, black coffee and sweet potato with the advise of Mr. LakshmiKumar, friend and body-builder. 

Chef has prepared only Indian cusine and his main motto is to promote our Indian especially South Indian cusine to the world. He was given a great support by his friends and family and also by his sponsors like #Thillaimasala, #Radiomirchi.....They gathered there with their whole team to support him. Celebrity Chef Dhamodharam, a previous guiness record holder visited the venue to encourage Chef Raj Mohan and gave his suggestions and ideas. Chef Damu is an enthusiastic man who has passed his energies and skills to chef rajmohan by his encouraging words........ Chef Palaniappan from Vigneshwara catering stayed with him through the whole event to encourage him on his fatigue moments...... Chef Srinath from GRT Regency, Madurai, Mr. Vivek from Indian book of records and GM Mr. Vinod Kumar from Jc Recidency, Madurai do the honours to present over their to support Chef Raj Mohan and Spectated his attempt with every 4 hrs interval.

The selection team has given him break of 10 mins for every hour but he took only 20 mins break in every 5-6 hours. At that time Chef has relaxed a while and made some excercises for his hands and legs.......His friends has made a small celebration when he has beaten the previous records.... 

The ingredients used for the event are: 

chicken-36 kgs 

  Meat- 45 kgs 

 vegetables- 280 kgs  

Oil- 20 ltrs  

Milk- 10 ltrs

Chef has given his exclusive interview for our cookingclub followers about his career and about his attempt on Guiness......Here are our questions and his humble replies.........

* What made you to attempt this solo cooking marathon, Do you have any inspiration behind?

  I wished to inspire people to give honour to cooks and be a good example for the future generation.

* Is there any noble cause behind the event?

I made this attempt on focusing the cuddalore flood  relief and we have contributed the finished dishes to the orphanges. The kids from the orphanage came in the morning and over 60 dishes has been parcelled and sent with them other dishes were tasted by the visitors and spectators gathered there ( i am the one :P)

* Which dish do you feel the most challenging during the event?

Actually I have made on the spot dishes, easy to create but made one at a time that part was challenging. I made the dishes with available vegetables and ingredients at that time. In Early morning I made 20 dishes with available vegetables. I have started with kesari and omlette and made pulao and califlower manchurian following them.

* What is your signature dish? On which region food is you are comfortable with?

My favourite dish is Briyani and sambar. I concentrated full of South Indian Dishes in maximum amount. My main motto is to promote South  Indian dishes to the world. I have covered maximum dishes with vegetables and meat and less on sweets.

* How did your love for food started?

I love making dishes during my childhood and I joined  subbulakshmi lakshmipathy college in Madurai to study catering science and then I joined as a proffesor in Mary Matha college, Periyakulam. Now I am the HOD in catering department in the same college. 

What are the pre-preparations taken for this grand event?

We had the helpers from Madurai Kamaraj University catering students and collegues. They cut the vegetables and other ingredients. The net weight of the dish should exclude 150 gms. We were promoting this event through various channels and social medias. Our sponsors made their humble effort to promote our event. Without proper planning and team work this event maynot be a successful one. 

Benjamin perry from USA was the guiness record holder before and he has made only 230 dishes in 40 hours.....Guiness calculates on the number of hours which the person stands and not the dishes Our chef has stood for continuous 48 hrs and came up with 1205 dishes....He has got his place in INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS and got applied to GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS....We wish him a great success in his upcoming efforts and projects and win the title of Guiness book of records..........

All the very best sir...............Smiley

Some titbits on the event..........

Selfie with chef and his parents with #radiomirchiramana and my student Krithika priya

India book of records title winning moment with #ThillaimasalaJaisingh 

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