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Thursday 15 May 2014


                                        Palestinian maftoul with vegetables


           Maftoul is a mixture of whole wheat flour and maida with bulgar(broken wheat).It is called as Couscous.It is the main dish in middle eastern countries.They have it for all occasions.This is the basic dish can be made into a salad,main dish and even dessert.........

I made this as a salad for Daring cooks May challenge hosted by sawsan from chef in disguise.Until I read her recipe I thought couscous can't be made at home,Instead it is very easy for me to make and easy for southIndians too becoz it is like the version of PUTTU,We make regularly in our houses.But like puttu it needs much care and patience to get a good shape otherwise it'll become a dough hahahaa......Usage of water should be in right proportion and in right time.The taste is awesome guys make a try and enjoy a healthy salad....It'll give u a new version of salad for who is getting bored with regular salads.......



Broken wheat(bulgar)-1/2cup  salt-1/2 to 3/4 tsp(according to your taste)   whole wheat flour-2 cups  maida(flour)-2 cups   water-1-1/2 cups


These are the measurements given by swasan but for me I needed half of the flours.Mix them only by hands.t needs more patience and right proportion of ingredients at right time.If you used excess then it'll form into a dough.So be patience in doing this but don't afraid it is very easy to make if you use the ingredients as instructed.



                  Mix whole wheat flour and maida in a seperate bowl and set aside.Mix water and salt together.

          Take bulgar(broken wheat) in a round flat dish and sprinkle 2 tbsps of salted water over it and wet them by mixing in hands then add 1/4 cup of flour and mix them by moving your hands over the mixture in circular motion.You'll find the formation of tiny balls.Then move them to one side of the bowl and add 2 tbsp water on empty side then move the mixture towards water by circular motion and add 1/4 cup flour by doing the same.Repeat the process until it forms enough sized granules and if you found any lumps gently break them by hands and do the process.Heat a pot with water and place a colander on it.(if you have idly steamer or any kind of steamer use that to steam the maftoul.

Spread maftoul over the towel placed in a colander or steamer and sprinkle 2 tbsps of water over the mixture and close the lid tightly then cook for 15 mins until they changes its colour lightly.When cooked place them in a bowl and sprinkle 1 tsp of olive oil over it and mix through.You can store them in an airtight container for a week in fridge.

Maftoul with mixed vegetables:


couscous(maftoul)-1 cup   

Black chickpeas-1/2 cup(soaked overnight and boiled in salt water) 

 Big onion-1,cut into small cubes  tomato-1,deseeded and small cubed  

red cabbage-1/2 cup,shredded 

 green cabbage or lettuce-1/2 cup  

carrot-1 ,cubed   

paneer or any kind of cheese-cubed(optional)

 spice powder-1 tsp(cinnamon-1 stick,cumin-1/2 tsp,pepper corns-1/2 tsp,cloves-1-2 nos,cardamom-2 nos roast them slightly and grind to a fine powder,you can store them in an airtight container and use when needed)  

 salt to taste


           In a pan add oil and onion fry slightly add tomatoes saute a while then add in boiled black chickpeas salt to taste  and spice powder mix well cool them and then add into couscous.Add the vegetables and cheese and enjoyyyy your salad.You can make variations in the mixing of vegetables and pulses according to your choice.

wet bulgar

mix flours

mix in circular motion

do by hands

do it till it granulates

steam them

mix with olive oil

Enjoyy the salad.........



  1. Hello Vimala,
    Thank you kindly for taking part in my challenge :)you did a wonderful job!
    I am really glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you swasan for your awesme recipe and encouraging comment........


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