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Thursday 5 September 2013



 Egg and sausage pie

                           Being an indian we dont make pies.Just make curries or any stuffing and we fill in dosas,samosas or in any kind of indian food.I love to eat pies when i watch it on TV.In a TV show, I saw a person making hard boiled egg pie and got inspiration to try one.I also have the experience of making pie from my friend blogger gayathri's eggless baking challenge.So I tried this recipe yesterday and gave it to my family and friends.They enjoyed it a lot and finished it off in a fraction of seconds.I just had got a single piece to taste it.mmmmm it tasted so yummy and i appreciated myself for my job.Here is the recipe for my viewers and just have a try,u'll get good results.


for the base:

flour-11/2 cups

salt-1 tsp

butter-3/4 cups

water and milk -3/4 cups

In a saucepan heat water and milk u can measure it as 1:1 proportion add butter boil them.

In a bowl add flour and make a well in centre and pour the hot milk mixture and stir it with fork combine them well and knead by hand till it rolls like a ball.Cover with a kitchen towel and rest them for 5 mins.Meanwhile we can prepare the filling and bechamel sauce.It is nothing but white sauce.

Bechamel sauce(White sauce):

butter-1 tbsp

maida-1 tbsp

milk-1 cup

dry rosemary-1/2 tsp

cheddar cheese-2 tbsp

salt and pepper to season


In a saucepan add butter and maida stir well till butter and maida combines well and maida  cooks well,but the color should not change.Now remove from fire add milk stir till no lumps form and cook in slow flame till it makes a paste not too watery and not too thick.Stir in rosemary and cheese  do seasoning.caution cheese also has salt.cool them.

Eggs and sausage filling:



salt and pepper to taste

Hard boiled eggs-2

Boil in hot water with salt for 5 mins and rest them for a while and remove the shell cut into four quaters and season with salt and crushed fresh pepper.

In  a pan add 1tsp oil and add sliced sausages and toss well with salt and crushed pepper.

Egg wash:

Egg-1,slightly beaten with water

For Baking:

preheat oven to 210 degrees.

Divide the dough in 2 parts and Roll one part of the dough in 1/2 inch thick fill the dough adjust to the pie plate and trim off the extras place quartered Eggs and sausages pour the bechamel sauce to fill the pie and roll another part of the dough and cut into strips close the pie like weaving a basket or according to your idea.Brush eggwash on pie.Bake at 210 degrees for 45 mins or according to your oven .

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